Top Articles of 2020: Guest Posts

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I am truly fortunate that so many great coaches and trainers in the industry want to write for my site. My writing mojo waned this past year for myriad of reasons and I relied quite a bit on others to fill in the gaps.

Honestly, it got to the point where if someone wanted to submit an article on “Best Workout Songs That Start With the Letter D” or, I don’t know, “The History of Glue Factories,” I would have accepted it.

Nevertheless, it was hard narrowing it down to FIVE selections, but here are the top GUEST POSTS from the past year.

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Top Articles of 2020: Guest Posts

Deceleration Training and Landing for the Everyday Athlete – Matthew Ibrahim

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We tend to place most of our efforts on accelerating and becoming more explosive & powerful. However, if you’re unable to put on the brakes and DECELERATE (and land properly) you’re missing out on a lot of athletic potential.

What’s All This Positional Breathing About?: The Implementation of Training Principles – Dr. Michelle Boland

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I get it: Cue your Liz Lemon eye roll here.

Anytime the topic of “breathing” comes up people lose interest. However, I’d argue nothing has revolutionized our approach to strength & conditioning over the course of the past decade than optimal breathing mechanics.

Awesome, easily applicable stuff from Michelle in this article.

What People Need In a Time of Crisis: Leadership – Erica Suter & Jonny Pietrunti

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2020 was THE year where coaches needed to step up.

This article served (serves) as an excellent kick in the pants.

The Comparison Game – Shane McLean

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It’s human nature to compare ourselves to others.

It can be good, mostly bad, almost certainly ugly.

Shane offers some sage advice to stop playing “the game.”

5 Reasons You’re Not Getting Results in the Gym – Ricky (the handsomer brother) Kompf

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Are you making these mistakes?

Ricky breaks a few things down that you may (or may not, but probably are) doing that’s hindering your progress in the gym.

Special Section For Justin Kompf Because I Know I’ll Receive a Text Message 5 Minutes After This Post Goes Live On Why I Included Ricky On This List and Not Him

The Law of Social Sabotage: Understanding the Reactions of People That Try to Hold Us Back From Being Healthy – Justin Kompf

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Admittedly, this was a damn good article from Justin and one that will resonate with just about anyone who reads it. However, Ricky wrote a great article too and he’s just handsomer.

I had to draw the line somewhere.

Did what you just read make your day? Ruin it? Either way, you should share it with your friends and/or comment below.

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