Top Articles of 2020: MY Picks

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Yesterday I highlighted the best articles from 2020 based off analytics, or those blog posts that received the most web traffic (and ticker tape parades).

Today I’m pointing the spotlight on MY favorite articles from 2020. The ones I felt should earn me a Pulitzer.

Because it’s all about meeeeeeeeeeeee.

Top Articles of 2020: MY Picks 👇👇👇👇

Working Hard vs. Always Making Exercise Harder

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Yes, working out should be challenging. You don’t make much progress if you’re consistently UNDERtraining and not forcing the body to adapt.

Conversely, going out of your way to routinely make exercise harder just so you can come thiiiiiiis close to shitting your spleen doesn’t make much sense either.

The Benefits of Wearing a Weight Belt: And When Not Wearing One Is Beneficial Too

I don’t understand why people argue about this topic so much.

Stuff I Struggle With

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Periodization for gen pop clients.

Copying programs that elite athletes follow.

TRUE rotator cuff training.

Putting the dishes away.

I could go on, but this article is a nice starting point of stuff I struggle with.

3 Mistakes Intermediate Lifters Make When Continuing a Fitness Program. And How to Fix Them

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I just re-read this one – it’s really freaking good (if I do say so myself).

4 Maybe New to You Goblet Squat Variations

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Fun Fact: I wrote this article one week before rupturing my Achilles (sad face).

Why the Soft Skills of Coaching Matter

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I know it’s borderline cheesy to say so, but no other person has influenced my coaching style over the past decade than  my wife.

I want to punch us in the face so hard we’re so cute.

But, in all seriousness…I am serious.

She’s played a massive role in my coaching over the years and I believe she can help you too.

“Do Not Cross” Doesn’t Really Mean You Can’t Cross: Fitness in a Nutshell

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Lifting weights isn’t supposed to be poetic (all the time).

It’s okay to have imperfections and to accept the grittiness.

However, just because you can back or conventional deadlift doesn’t mean you should.

Will Squatting Make You Tight?

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Um, no.

But please read on.

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