5 Things I Learned From My Most Difficult Personal Training Clients

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I’ve been training people since 2002.

I’ve worked with myriad of clients ranging from professional athletes to young athletes to people just looking to increase their general levels of badassery.

I’ve enjoyed the bulk of people I have worked and interacted with over the years. The vast majority I’d label as splendid and lovely individuals whom I’d name my second born after.1

Except for these five…

5 Things I Learned From My Most Difficult Personal Training Clients

1. Mrs. Vague

2. Mr. Late

3. Mrs. Bulk-a-Phobic

4. Mr. Complainer

5. Dr. Clueless

Who are they? What are they? How did I deal with them? Did I “fire” them? Send them to time out? What gives?

Find out in my latest article for the Personal Trainer Development CenterHERE.

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  1. Except for the fact my wife and I will NEVER have a second kid. Like, ever. No, no, no, no, and no. I’d rather swallow live bees.

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