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The obvious question:

“Who the heck is Alexandra?”

A: She’s actually a long-time client of mine and one of Boston’s go to (and best) hair stylists.

The second obvious question:

A: “What the heck do a hair stylist and a strength coach chat about on a podcast?”

Well, It’s Not Top 3 Hair Conditioners For Bald Dudes

As I noted above, Alexandra and I have been working together for 5+ years and in that time we’ve routinely touched on the topic that our respective careers have many parallels:

  • We both work in a service industry.
  • We both work with a vast array of different personalities.
  • We both run our own small business and operate and “manage” our own brands.
  • We both work with clientele interested in looking goooooooood.
  • Side Note: We’re both diesel.1

To that end, in this episode of Alexandra’s show she and I discuss my adverse reaction to being labeled a “fitness celebrity, my goal to help women find empowerment with a barbell in their hand(s), and a litany of other shenanigans.

Alexandra is the shit. I hope you check out this episode and all the others she has available as well.

Check it out HERE.

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  1. Which has nothing to do with anything. Except it’s everything.

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