Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 5/7/21

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1. I’m Coming to England!

It’s been 15 months since I’ve put on an in-person workshop.

** Cue the trumpets **

I have confirmed that I will be coming to England this September to do not one, but TWO separate workshops.

  • I’ll be doing my 1-day Coaching Competency Workshop at Gudlift Gym in Manchester on Sunday, 9/12.
  • The following weekend (9/18) I will be in London alongside Luke Worthington to put on our 2-day Strategic Strength Workshop.

It feels extraordinary to finally be putting events INTO my calendar rather than taking them off. I”ll have more details about the two workshops in the coming weeks, including links to register.

In the meantime: Consider this your “save the date” notice…🙌

SIDE NOTE: I’ve tossed Charleston, SC out there, as well as Philadelphia, PA (the latter would likely be a Strong Body Strong Mind Workshop with my wife, Dr. Lisa Lewis).

I’m hoping I can pull them off, but am also open to other options as well – Milwaukee, Memphis, Mordor, whatever.

If you’re interested in possibly hosting me for a day or two (or know of a gym who’d be a good fit), please reach out and let’s chat.





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How Much Protein Do We Need Everyday? Your Protein Questions Answered – Abby Langer

One Word: PROTEIN!

5 Best Loading Schemes for Size & Strength – Christian Thibaudeau

This isn’t a new article, but one that tossed up on their Twitter feed the other day to remind everyone of how good it is.

It’s goooooooood.

Lessons in Lifting from a Dad: Year One – Me

I did a podcast a few weeks ago titled Deadlifts, Dogs & Dad Jokes. It was everything you’d expect from a podcast with that particular title.

Fucking baller.

Toward the end of the episode, one of the hosts (a new dad) asked me fitness advice for other new dads. Admittedly, I was an abject failure in coming up with anything inspirational or sage to say.

And then I recalled I actually wrote something on the topic. If you’re a new dad or know of someone who is, and you/they are in a fitness rut…

…give this a read.

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