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Why Baseball Players Shouldn’t Bench Press

I’ve been keeping this article in my back pocket for a while now because I wasn’t quite sure how I wanted to approach writing it.  Lets be honest:  talking smack about the beloved bench press is the fitness equivalent of talking smack about Princess Diana or worse, kittens. You just don’t do it! To save… Read more

Join the Tony Gentilcore Premium Workout Group

What is the Tony Gentilcore Premium Training Group? So glad you asked! The Cliff Notes version:  Far too many people go to the gym and think that just because they show up, they’ll magically get results.  They feel that if they put in the time, they deserve the results, without considering the quality and goal… Read more

Steps You Can’t Afford to Skip: The Warm-Up

Yes, this is an article on warming up (both the pre-lift ritual as well as how to warm-up for your main lift of the day). Yes, most people are going to read the title and subconsciously yawn. Yes, these are the same people (athletes included) who tend to get hurt more easily, have more nagging… Read more

The Lowdown on Femoral Acetabular Impingement. Trust Me: Not as Geeky as It Sounds.

When I first moved to Boston – roughly seven years ago – I was working at a swanky, fancy-pants commercial gym in the downtown area and I remember on one of my days off Eric Cressey and myself took a little road trip to Worcester, MA to take part in an impromptu and informal workshop… Read more

So Your Shoulders Are Depressed (So Sad)

Despite the cheekiness nature of the title, you can relax: I’m not suggesting that your shoulders are “depressed” in the literal sense of the word. I mean, it’s not as if they just got word they contracted ebola or that their heart just got ripped out by some uppity bitch who left them for some… Read more

Weightlifting For Everyone: How Anyone Can (Kinda) Olympic Lift and (Probably) Not Suck at It

Today is my girlfriend’s birthday.  And anyone who knows Lisa knows she looooooooves her birthday – to the point where it shouldn’t even be considered a birthDAY, but a birthWEEK. In any case we have a jam packed day today – a late breakfast, a tandem workout “date,” and then we’re heading to a fancy… Read more

The Train to Be Awesome Guide

Anyone who’s read my blog for any length time knows that I’m fairly passionate about a number of things.  In no particular order (except for the first one) they consist of: 1.  BACON! 2.  Tiesto. 3.  Zombies. 4.  Watching zombies get pwned. 5.  LIfting heavy things (and more germane to today’s conversation – advocating that… Read more

A Deadlift 3 Times Per Week Program

It’s rare that I post anything on the weekend, but when I do you know it’s kind of a big deal.  Today I’ve got a special guest post from Dave Dellanave, author of the brand spankin new resource (and arguably the best title for a book, like ever) Off the Floor: A Manual for Deadlift… Read more