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Cleaning Up Kettlebell Swing Technique

I don’t consider myself a kettlebell expert, but I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express once so that has to count for something. Note from TG:  For those non-American folk who may be reading and have no idea WTF staying at a Holiday Inn Express has to do with anything let alone kettlebell training, maybe watching… Read more

Are We Doing Lunges Wrong? Hint: Maybe

As some of you know I had the luxury of spending the past few days attending Phase II of the Elite Baseball Mentorship hosted at my stomping grounds, Cressey Performance, listening to Eric Cressey, Eric Schoenberg, and Matt Blake discuss, well, training baseball players. And while training baseball players is our Soup de Jour at… Read more

Athleticism and Strength Training: Can the Two Mix?

Q: First off thanks for all the great content you share through your blog and for the amusing writing style you have, it´s always nice to be able to laugh and smile a bit while you learn a thing or two. I just have a question regarding athleticism and strength training. I know you guys… Read more

So Your Shoulder Hurts……

I’d say that at least once a week I open up my email and start reading something that sounds like this, “Hi Tony, this is (enter name of Victoria Secret model here). I was checking out your website and……..” Just kidding – that’ll never happen.  But fingers crossed that it does someday. Back in reality… Read more

Program Design Tips for Upcoming Trainers

A few weeks ago a handful of guys from my alma mater – SUNY Cortland – made the five hour trip from central NY to Boston to come visit Cressey Performance for an afternoon and check out the facility in the flesh. After giving them the quick tour, explaining the general flow of things (everything… Read more

Med Ball Training Do’s and Don’ts

Today’s guest post comes to you from Michael Anderson, Boston based strength coach and personal trainer.  Mike has contributed a handful of posts on this site, and this one is yet another fantastic piece. Enjoy! The medicine ball is often seen as an archaic tool because they’ve been around for so long. Sand filled balls… Read more

The Sway Back Equation

I know what you’re thinking:  This is either the title of an archived Robert Ludlum novel or the name of an old-school hip-hop album. Both are wrong – but wouldn’t it be awesome if either of the two were true? As someone who’s read every Ludlum novel, I’d kill to have access to another one… Read more

So You Want To Be a Fitness Professional?

Greetings from Cortland, NY! It’s freaking snowing (not that that’s any big surprise)!  That would be like saying,”the sky is blue,” or “water is wet,” or “Justin Beiber is a no-talent ass hat!” I left Boston yesterday under blue skies and 60 degree weather (which feels like summer this time of year), only to arrive… Read more