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Muscle Confusion

Sorry I’ve been a bit absent this week.  Between fighting off this bitch of a cold, prepping for a presentation on posture and low back pain I’m doing at Bose Headquarters this afternoon, and tying up loose ends before heading off on vacation this weekend, my hands have been a bit full. There’s all of that… Read more

Rest-Pause Training: What, Why, Who, and How

In the realm of fitness – and particularly strength and conditioning – there’s no shortage of programs to follow. Moreover, when you factor in all the varying set/rep protocols, rest intervals, tempos, and any other permutations, algorithms, or NASA level geekdom that can come into play when designing a program or general template…’s easy to… Read more

Introducing Spinal Health and Core Training

For those familiar, Muscle Imbalances Revealed has slowly engrained itself as one of the more sought after, consistent, and continuously revered fitness product series out there. Seemingly, every year (give or take a few months) the man and mastermind behind the scenes, Rick Kaselj, is releasing a new version to the masses. If I had to… Read more

5 Reasons Your Shoulder Is Jacked Up and Not Jacked Part I

We work with a lot of overhead athletes at Cressey Performance – in particular baseball players – and it’s no coincidence that we deal with, address, work around, and (hopefully) fix a lot of shoulder issues ranging from the acute like AC joint issues and external/internal impingement to the more “oh shit factor” scenarios like… Read more

5 (Simple) Ways To Make Your Workouts More Effective

So we’re what, three weeks into the New Year? As I suspect, most reading this site have made your New Year’s resolutions three weeks ago, and whether it was to try to read more, watch less television, eat less cheese, smile more, put 10% of your paycheck into a savings account, drink more water, eat… Read more

Does Everyone Need to Squat (Deep)

In a word: No! In my latest T-Nation article I tackle the often controversial topic of squatting.  Why it’s controversial I really have no idea.  Squatting is a basic human movement pattern that I feel provides a gulf of benefits – everything from improved performance on the playing field to helping to offset many of… Read more

Exercises You Should Be Doing: 1-Legged RDL to Squat

I haven’t done one of these in a while, so I figured I’d throw a bone everyone’s way and introduce you to a brand spankin new exercise that I’ve been throwing into my own programs as well those of my athletes and clients. I know (some) people are under the assumption that since I’ve omitted… Read more

All the Hype Behind Kipping Pull-Ups

I’ve got an interesting topic today that may or may not win me some friends. I’m guessing the latter, but that’s okay. Below is an email I received a few weeks ago about kipping pull-ups (what are they, is there any efficacy behind them, would I ever program them? Short answer:  Um, no.), and I’ve… Read more