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Part III: Correcting the Knees and Ankles

It’s been a bit, but Part III of Kevin Mullins’ “Corrective Exercise” series is finally here. I’d sorta mirrors the anticipation everyone had for the Game of Thrones season premiere this past week, except not even close. Sorry Kev: dragons will always reign supreme over ankle dorsiflexion…;o) NOTE: Stressing the word “finally” above had nothing… Read more

Lats All, Folks!

See what I just did there? I took the closing epilogue of an old Looney Tunes cartoon and applied it to an article I wrote on lat training. Barack Obama ain’t not nuthin on my word play! Chances are anytime you ask someone what the latissimus dorsi are you get one of two things happening: 1…. Read more

How to Learn Functional Anatomy

Q: I need to improve my knowledge of functional anatomy (who doesn’t?). I know Cressey took a very comprehensive gross anatomy course down at UCONN as a grad student, but I was wondering how you approached improving this area in your based of knowledge? Was there a specific text that you used? Did you go… Read more