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Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 5/30/14

A few housekeeping items before we begin. 1.  Can you freakin believe we’re two days away from June already?  This year is flying by! 2.  Lisa and I saw X-Men: Days of Future Past last weekend, and I have to say I liked it didn’t love it.  I still feel my favorite film in the… Read more

Spark Notes For “Hard” Gainers

I’d say that on any given day I receive close to 50+ emails from people around the world asking various things ranging from programming advice to book recommendations to sharing —-[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[= (<——oops, my cat just pounced on the keyboard and says hi) their shared affinity for Jason Bourne. Probably one of the more common “themes”… Read more

Five Reasons Everyone Should Train Like an Athlete

In light of his brand spankin new product being released today – Bulletproof Athlete – Mike Robertson was kind enough to jot down a few words and underline a few reasons why everyone (yes, even YOU) should take some time out of his or her’s training year to become more athletic. Offhandedly I myself have been… Read more

Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: Robertson Wisdom, Fish Oil Doesn’t Cause Cancer, and An Article That Literally Brought Tears of Joy to My Eyes

I’m not going to lie people:  I’m in hunker down mode as I type this. I just walked down to Staples and dropped off all the presentations for the Boston Workshop and also have an assortment of odds and ends to get done before the big weekend commences in less than 48 hours. Grab a… Read more

Two Things You Should Check Out

Note from TG:  I try my best not to come across as someone who overhypes stuff to my readers on a daily basis.  I mean, it’s not really THAT big of a deal that The Wolverine opens this weekend.  You’d think based off how excited I am that I’d be walking around all week with… Read more