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2-KB Front Squat: A Simple Looking Exercise That’s Anything But

Being a “good” coach and writing effective training programs isn’t about inserting the most demanding or most obnoxious looking exercises for your athletes & clients. Peruse social media and you’ll inevitably come across any number of fit pros vying for everyone’s attention with elaborate looking exercises ranging from Quasi-isometric deadlifts vs. chains (from a deficit… Read more

The Most Underrated Exercise in Strength and Conditioning? It’s Not Deadlifts.

While I can’t say it’s always been the case (I’ve grown less dogmatic and immature as a coach the older I’ve gotten, I operate under the guise that every exercise has its time and place. Except for maybe this one. If she were juggling a pair of chainsaws while standing on the BOSU balls I… Read more

The Right Tool(s) For the Job

For many people walking into a gym can be just as confusing as long division, watching a leaked copy of House of Cards spoken in Mandarin (shit!), or a Lady Gaga outfit. I don’t get it. Lets put it like this: there are a lot of machines, trinkets, and gadgets in the gym and trying… Read more

Things I Used To Hate, But Now….Not So Much

Hate’s a strong word. When someone says they hate something they must really, and I mean really, have a strong disdain for whatever it is they’re referring to. For example, I’m typing this very sentence as I’m cruising 36,000 feet above the ground on my way back to Boston (from sunny Florida), and as everyone knows… Read more

There’s a Time and Place For Everything. Kettlebells Included.

I like to consider myself as an even keeled person who tries to see the comedy in life and not to take things too seriously. I’m originally from Middle of Nowhere, NY where I grew up in a small town with no traffic lights and no fast food restaurants.  Just to be clear though, yes,… Read more

Exercises You Should Be Doing: Kettlebell Suitcase Carry with Rope

Alright I’m not gonna beat around the bush today, I feel like poo…..again.  My first clue was when my alarm woke me up this morning.  I always wake up before my alarm –  it’s like some hidden Jedi talent of mine.   If, on the off… Read more