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Is Eric Cressey an Assessment Jedi?

In a word:  yes. Yes, he is. But more on that in a second. This industry is constantly changing – almost on a weekly basis. One week it’s boot camps that are all the rage. The next? Dude, you’re gonna kill it if you incorporate more semi-private or group training into the mix. Even still,… Read more

Thomas Test: Hip to Be Square Part II

Yesterday I went into a little detail on the Thomas Test and how it can be a very effective test to assess hip flexor length.  Unfortunately, while it’s a fairly idiot proof test to administer, many fitness professionals out there perform it incorrectly and have… Read more

Thomas Test: Hip to Be Square Part I

Not surprisingly, when it comes to assessment, there are many school’s of thought.  During our staff in-service the other day, Eric made a great point in saying that most assessments are very general to start and then move into more specific things as you dig… Read more