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3 Choices All Coaches Must Make

All I have to say is that this article would have helped me tremendously if I had access to it the week I started my first personal training gig out of college. Looking back I was such a mess. Excellent guest post today by NY-based (Capital district) strength coach Mike Sirani. 3 Choices All Coaches… Read more

Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 6/23/17

Lots of things to get to, so lets jump right into it.   CHECK THIS STUFF OUT FIRST (IT’S MOSTLY ABOUT ME) 1. Strong Body-Strong Mind – Boston I’m really excited to announce the Strong Body-Strong Mind Workshop, coming to Boston (finally!) later this summer. The idea is simple: there’s a corner in the industry… Read more

Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 3/31/17

I’m in Vancouver!   I’ve been before, back in 2014 for a friend’s wedding, and ever since I’ve been wanting to come back to visit. It’s a lovely place…prime with excellent food, culture, and scenery. I’m here because Dean Somerset and I are teaching our Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint this weekend. I came a… Read more

What You Weren’t Taught About Assessments

As this post goes live I’m (hopefully) en route back to Boston after attending Mark Fisher’s wedding in NYC this past weekend. I decided it best to pre-schedule something on the off-chance some crazy shenanigans went down, like, I don’t know, an impromptu dance-off with a unicorn or a shot of Tequila somehow made it… Read more