Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 3/31/17

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I’m in Vancouver!


I’ve been before, back in 2014 for a friend’s wedding, and ever since I’ve been wanting to come back to visit.

It’s a lovely place…prime with excellent food, culture, and scenery. I’m here because Dean Somerset and I are teaching our Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint this weekend. I came a day early so I had a day to walk around, explore, and marinate in introvert heaven.

As most of you know I have an 8-week old back in Boston, and as anyone who has a child knows, there’s little “me time” in that mix. You’re always on, ready to bust into action – whether it’s to feed or perform an emergency diaper change – at any moment.

Even when things are seemingly quiet you’re on high-alert. Every noise coming through the baby-monitor comes with a degree of jumpiness, unease, and foreboding.

It’s like adult Spidey-sense

Except in this case, instead of an extraordinary ability to sense imminent danger, as a parent to an infant, this version of Spidey-sense gives you a sixth sense for blowout diarrhea and 2 AM whateverthefucks.

So, selfishly, I was very much looking forward to a day of being in my own thoughts, walking around the city, and having a restful night of sleep in my hotel room watching Netflix and eating German chocolate cake.1

It was glorious.

I’m actually sitting in a coffee shop as I write this and then doing a staff in-service at TWIST Conditioning Vancouver this afternoon. Later on I’ll meet up with Dean and we’ll head to Langley, BC for our workshop at All Around Fitness this weekend.

Stuff to Check Out Before You Read Stuff

I got nothing, sorry. I want to bounce and go walk around.

Stuff to Read

Capacity vs. Conditioning – Dan Frantz


As a follow up to THIS post I wrote last week, and Mike Connelly’s guest post that followed suit, The Art of Getting Your Shit Together, this post by Dan Frantz speaks to our constant struggles to incessantly compare ourselves to others and do what they do.

How to Hit a Triple Bodyweight Deadlift – Mike Sirani

You know I’m a sucker for a good deadlift article.

A Deep Investigation Into the Safety & Performance of the Deep Squat Part 1 – Dan Pope

This is an older article (2015, not that old) but just came across it other day and had to share. Excellent stuff by Dan.

Also, if it peaks your interest (and it should, I have excellent in taste in articles) HERE’s part two.

Social Media Shenanigans



**Maybe check out some of the comments in this one?….particularly by @Realfitnessformums. She had some issues with this video which I felt were kind of shortsighted and woefully out of context.

Here’s my wife, @lilew13, hitting a new bench press PR of 160 lbs today…7 weeks post giving birth. To her credit she continued to train all throughout her pregnancy which helped a ton. She never trained at max effort and ALWAYS listened to her body if something felt off. However it’s because of her dedication to staying consistent with her strength training throughout that she has been able to bounce back so quickly; kicking ass and taking names.

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  1. Not going to lie, that actually happened. I’m such a boss.

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