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The Deadlift: Beginner Basics

I came across this comment yesterday on Twitter from a friend of mine who’s an accomplished trainer and someone I respect a lot: How many articles can be written about the deadlift? And when writing, does the author ever say to self, “maybe I should wait on this one.” I can’t say I disagree with… Read more

Two Dudes Talking Deadlifts

My good friend and fellow colleague, David Dellanave, was kind enough to sit down and talk deadlifts with me today. Deadlifts? SQUIRREL!!! He’s just released a revision of his amazing resource, Off the Floor: A Manual for Deadlift Domination today with all sorts of add-ons and bonuses that will, well, help anyone dominate their deadlift. Specifically,… Read more

Miscellaneous Miscellany Monday: Get-ups, Deadlifts, and B-Days

1.  I have a love-hate relationship with Turkish get-ups. Photo Credit: John Maguire As a coach I love them in the sense of how much bang-for-my-training-buck they provide. I get asked all the time from my athletes and clients “what the hell do these get-up thingamabobbers do anyways?” To which I respond: what don’t they… Read more

Tripwires and How They Can Help Improve Your Deadlift

A few months ago I picked up a copy of the New York Times best-selling book Decisive by Chip and Dan Heath, who also penned doozies like Made to Stick and Switch, which cover a gauntlet of human behavorial novelties.  This is important because as a fitness professional, and as someone who works with people… Read more