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Exercises You Should Be Doing: Bottoms-Up Kettlebell Side Plank

OMG – I’m getting soooo excited I can’t stand it.  T-minus 24 hours until the Boston Workshop kicks into high-gear.  Dean Somerset  is on his way from Canada, and a lot of the attendees are making their way to the facility today to hang out and to listen to our “guest” mystery speaker at 3:30…. Read more

The Truth About a Healthy Spine – Part II

Here is Part Two of Dr. Michael Stare’s guest post on spinal health from yesterday. Enjoy the weekend! In part one I focused on discussing the debate about bracing or hollowing the spine for optimal stability, and revealed evidence suggesting that focusing on just on muscle is a flawed method of improving stability and treating… Read more

Introduction to Spinal Health and Core Training

Some of you may recall I took a little trip out to Edmonton, Alberta back in June to take part in the Spinal Health and Core Training seminar alongside my fellow cohorts Rick Kaselj, Dean Somerset, and Dr. Jeff Cubos. While I’d like to sit here and state that what transpired was a Hangover inspired… Read more