Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: Chin-Ups vs. Pull-Ups and a Little Bit of Bittman

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It’s been brought to my attention that some of you who have been long-time subscribers to the blog (through Blogger or Google Reader) haven’t been getting any updates of current content.  As it so happens, when we switched over to the new site, I was an asshat and forgot all of my login info for the old site.  Go figure!

As a result, we had to set up a new feed through feedburner, so for those interested here it is:

Unfortunately, my first choice, Alicia Keys was already taken.  Nonetheless, hopefully this clears up some of the confusion, and I appreciate all of those who contacted me personally to give me the head’s up that this was an issue.

And now, here’s some stuff you should read.

Pull-Up or Chin-Up?  Which is Better? – Mike Reinold

Mike discusses some interesting research and breaks down the chin-up and pull-up and explains which one is “better.”

Is ‘Eat Real Food’ Unthinkable – Mark Bittman

One of my femaie clients sent me the link to this article a few weeks ago, and I was just able to sit down and read it the other day.  All I have to say “right on!”  Here, Bittman calls out the USDA and basically states what friends like Cassandra Forsythe, Mike Roussell, Brian St. Pierre, Leigh Peele, John Berardi, and a lot of other really smart peeeps have been saying for years.  Namely, the USDA needs to get their head out of their ass.

How to Make Oatmeal….Wrong – Mark Bittman

Yet another female client sent me this link, which essentially sparked me to read the article above.  I figured that if two separate clients sent me two different articles, from the same author, I should probably check them out.

I gotta say, this Bittman guy has a new fan.  I love his no BS approach.  It’s weird how practical, common sense can go a long ways.


Did what you just read make your day? Ruin it? Either way, you should share it with your friends and/or comment below.

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  • natalie

    what I think is really fantastic about Bittman (as well as the other fabulous and intelligent individuals mentioned above), is that he genuinely LOVES food. Healthy eating does not mean sacrifice; in fact, eating REAL food is a much more pleasurable experience for people who really enjoy and appreciate food. The way the system works, it's often difficult for people to afford REAL food, as ironic as that is. He uses his platform to make this known. WORD.

  • R Smith


    Any blogpost that includes Reinold is a winner in my book. But the Bittman guy just gained another fan and subscriber to his blog.

    And I just got a new recipe for my Saturday morning, post-workout oatmeal pancakes.


  • Henock aka Nock

    *gasp* More sugar than a snickers bar!!!………that is just wrong.

  • Thanks Tony,

    As always great reading.


  • I'm a total n00b and just this morning thought to myself, “Self, why haven't I seen a post from Tony Gentilcore's site in MONTHS?! He couldn't possibly have not been posting all this time…”

    Then I realized I was dumb and just didn't see the new RSS feed update.

    Yay! I'm back in the cool crowd again!

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