How to Fix Scapular Winging

Scapular winging. It’s a thing. I guess.   Forgive the aloof and standoffish tone. I recognize the term “scapular winging” is a thing and that it can be an actual, real-live, medical diagnosis with dastardly consequences. But more on that in a minute. It’s just that, in some ways, I find a lot of fitness pros… Read more

Fitness Industry Survival Tips: Part Two

Last week Travis Hansen wrote part one and covered some arguable topics that you can focus on as a trainer/coach to help improve your personal and online training business over the long-haul. He had more to say. Hope you enjoy part two. Fitness Industry Survival Tips: The Part Two Part 1. Develop a Niche It’s a… Read more

Landmine Press: Cues and Mistakes. And How To Make It More Functional

I’ve long been an advocate of the landmine press. Not only is it one of my favorite “shoulder friendly” pressing variations, but it’s one of my favorite pressing variations in general. It gets you jacked and ripped and your shoulders feeling like a million bucks. If it’s performed correctly. The landmine press doesn’t come without… Read more

Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: Complete Shoulder and Hip Blueprint Is On Sale Edition

Hey-o, guess what? My flagship resource, Complete Shoulder and Hip Blueprint is on sale, like right now, for the first time ever, at 50% off the original price. Why?   1. My (business) partner-in-crime, Dean Somerset, is Canadian and we figured it would be a nice way to celebrate our respective country’s Independence Day. Unity is… Read more

How to Guarantee You’ll Have a Hard Time Getting Clients Results

If you train people for a living, read this.   1. Don’t Guarantee Results It’s seems counterintuitive, borderline asinine, not to guarantee your clients results, right? I mean, what the hell are they hiring you for? HINT: It’s not to trade baseball cards or tickle fights. I had a new client come in last week… Read more

Fitness Industry Survival Tips

Surviving in the fitness industry is tough. Now, granted, this isn’t The Revenant…we don’t need to worry about wrestling grizzly bears or anything. But it is pretty cut-throat out there and the one’s who “survive,” and do well, are the ones who can separate themselves from the masses. Today’s guest post by strength coach Travis… Read more

Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 6/23/17

Lots of things to get to, so lets jump right into it.   CHECK THIS STUFF OUT FIRST (IT’S MOSTLY ABOUT ME) 1. Strong Body-Strong Mind – Boston I’m really excited to announce the Strong Body-Strong Mind Workshop, coming to Boston (finally!) later this summer. The idea is simple: there’s a corner in the industry… Read more

How to Train Around a Groin Strain

Groin strains can be a stubborn son-of-a-bitch. Once you have one, it’s one of those pesky injuries that never really seems to go away. In today’s guest post by strength coach and physical therapist, Sam Spinelli, he breaks down some common ways to resolve the issue. Awesome stuff.    How to Train Around a Groin… Read more