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Sometimes I get sick of teaching people how to squat correctly or convincing people that not benching 3x per week won’t start the Apocalypse. Sometimes I just want to talk about Beast Wars, food, or a recent movie I saw. This section is what I do so that I don’t have to assume a fake identity and start trolling random message boards.

Day 5: The Library, The Lesser Quarter, The Dinner

Day 5: The Library, The Church, The Dinner Another quiet night, followed by a leisurely morning with coffee from our little machine, eggs from the local market, and the most insane granola ever. Today the Somersets and Gentilewis’ decided to divide and conquer. Dean and Lindsay headed to Old Town Square and the Torture Museum,… Read more

Day 4: Prague Castle

Day 4: Prague Castle! After a solid 10 hours of sleep, we had a more successful morning with the coffeemaker in the apartment, and all of the Gentilcores and Somersets sat in the kitchen quietly, catching up on emails and filling up on caffeine and Czech Granola (which is delicious, by the way!) The Somersets,… Read more

Day 3: Rain, Rain!

Day 3: Rain Rain! Today started off with a coffee machine mishap. Dean and I thought it would be smart to just use the coffee maker in the apartment, instead of running out for a little coffee in the morning. Unfortunately, due what dean believes is a design flaw, I walked into the kitchen 10… Read more

Day 2: Naplavka and Vysehrad Fortress

Day 2 After an amazing 12 hours of sleep, I was bright eyed and bushy tailed! I found the nearest open coffee shop, grabbed myself one, and brought one home for Dean. Tony was whipping up some eggs, and the boys were getting ready for Day 1 of “The Complete Hip and Shoulder Workshop” (available… Read more