Day 1: 20 Hours On a Plane

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What follows is Lisa’s daily diary of our musings and doings while visiting Australia.

Hello Friends!

Tony and I just spent 6 hours in a plane from Boston to LAX, and then 14 hours from LAX to Brisbane.

The journey has begun. Thanks for joining. Here’s Tony, as excited as can be as we boarded our first flight in Boston.

Two hours into our 6.5 hour flight to LA, Tony and I wondered if we’d gotten in over our heads. Once we felt the full effect of the narrow seat, barely reclining chair, and turbulence, we couldn’t even imagine landing, and then doing it all over again, but for double the amount of time…

But here we are.

At this moment, Tony and I are 34,000 feet over the Pacific, with a little over 3,000 miles and a little less than 6 hours to go – just over half way through our 13.5 hour flight. It sort of feels like traveling through time. When we boarded the plane around 11:00pm (pacific time), we fell right asleep!

Both of us pumped and thinking we’d sleep for 7 or 8 hours, we each discovered the other peeking out from underneath our blindfolds less than 5 hours later (when it was 7:00am, eastern time). Luckily, I sprung for the emergency exit row seats, which actually ended up being right in a break in rows, so there is a good 10 -15 feet of open space in front of us! Here’s the space, with my TV in site:

So much room for activities!

… and then here’s Tony trying to get some sleep:

Tony’s disappointed the Ambien our generous Dr. gave us didn’t put us under for most of the flight – he’s just watched Fury, and I’ve just finished Birdman (What in the heck was that?).

The highlight so far? The international terminal at LAX. At 10pm, that place is Grand Central Station for the Universe! Everyone was going somewhere amazing. It’s hard to be sleepy and calm when we’re in for the trip of our lives!

In a few hours there will be breakfast, and then time to get ready for the day to start. We’ll land in Brisbane at 7:00am and hit the ground running! Breakfast in the city, drive to Ballina, maybe go to the gym, and check in to our hotel.

Stay tuned!

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