Exercises That Make Me Think…………Huh????

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I received this e-mail from a friend of mine in Australia that I thought I would share with all of you since I found it pretty comical/absurd/or any adjective you can think of that would warrant my eyes hating me.*


With our certification process in Australia, the institutes all offer online education education assistance through interactive tests and tools. It seems like a good idea at first, however, as I was browsing last night I found the exercise below which I thought you might find amusing (or it may make you vomit, I think either effect is the desired outcome). Please note, these courses are compulsory for me to be registered as a trainer, it’s not a testament to my character nor my training philosophy! Also according to these guys there are NO barbell lower body movements allowed to be used for beginners OR intermediates.

Exercise: Bicep-Curl w/Deadlift

Difficulty: Highly Advanced

Benefits: This is an excellent movement for power/strength athletes. This more advanced movement used momentum and can usually be loaded with more weight when progressed properly.

First off, how can anything involving a bicep curl be labeled as “highly advanced?” I’ve known people who have been bicep curling since they were a fetus. How hard can it be? Secondly, unless you’re some freak of nature or I don’t know, Robocop, there is no way you should be able to arm-curl what you deadlift.

And what’s with this whole notion that beginners and intermediates can’t perform any lower body movements with a barbell? What, too dangerous? Oh please! What’s dangerous is telling that same de-conditioned “beginner” who hasn’t seen his penis while standing since 1997 that it’s perfectly okay to go for a 1-2 mile jogs three times per week.

It’s stuff like this that drives me bonkers.

*Great, they took the car “to go for a drive.” They always do that when they’re mad at me. Last time they did this, they ended up passing out drunk at a stop light, and I was late for work. Dammit!

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