Miscellaneous Miscellany Monday-Even Though I’m Posting This at 1:04 AM on a Tuesday.

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1. I’m about five days into Project: Tony Gets Sexified, and all I have to say is that so far, I don’t hate life. Well that’s a lie, because yesterday I had to turn down what could only be described as the most appetizing carrot cake I have ever seen. The crew from CP was invited to brunch, and because I am a champ and have the will power of an ox (if that even make sense, whatever, I’m going with it), I limited myself to a chicken breast, two egg white omelets, and roughly 5.3 slices of bacon. Oh, and some fresh fruit. Okay, I hate life. But big props go out to Anna and myself for steering clear of the carrot cake. HIGH FIVE! And another high five goes out to me for ironing my own shirt beforehand.

Just to give a little snidbit into what my weeks looks like:

Mon: Throw, Lift heavy stuff, followed by 10-12 minutes of EST (Energy System Training).

Tues: Mobility/Med Ball/Throw, followed by 30 minutes of BRISK incline walking. Yeah, that’s right….incline walking. What’s up now bitches?

Wed: Intervals (25 minutes). Airdyne bike. And I’m gonna be honest here, this is NOT fun.

Thur: Throw, Lift heavy stuff

Fri: Mobility/Med Ball/Throw, followed by intervals (25 minutes)

Sat: Lift heavy stuff, followed by 10-12 minutes of EST (this also happens to be my higher calorie day).

Sun: Hang out at Starbucks, eat lots of dead animal flesh, write poetry, listen to classical music, play checkers with orphans, and draw pictures of Megan Fox on my etch-a-sketch (this should make up for last week Lance). I guess you could say I’m pretty talented.

2. A HUGE congratulations goes out to CP client, Bree Schaaf who qualified for the 2009 World Championship team after claiming the U.S Bobsled National Championship in Lake Placid, NY. We’re proud of you Bree! Check out Bree in action at CP here (scroll down to first video). Just goes to show that when you train your tail off, good things happen.

3. Since I’m apparently in the mood to give shout outs, I’d like to send a HUGE boooooooooooo to Oprah for admittedly “falling off the wagon” of healthy living, and as a result, ballooning up to 200 lbs (again). I have to give her credit – if there are two things that Oprah is good at, it’s recommending books that I’ll never read, and following atrocious dieting advice.

Listen, I’m not bagging on Oprah for gaining weight. Honestly, I don’t care. However, what I am bagging on is the fact that millions of women follow Oprah’s word like it’s the gospel, and I’m getting rather tired of her spewing out atrocious dieting advice and/or advocating diets (quick fixes) that are downright dangerous. Ie: starvation diets, liquid diets, etc. How is it possible that someone with the resources such as herself, follows some of the worst dieting/training advice I have ever seen? It boggles my mind.

4. Speaking of which, Leigh Peele has re-released an updated version of The Fat Loss Troubleshoot. I only wish that Oprah would do something as cool as give this product the notoriety it deserves. I don’t like to pimp too many products, but Leigh has gone out of her way to provide one of the most in-depth fat loss products out there. Most dieting manuals/books do nothing but attempt to put a band-aid over an open wound; with The Fat Loss Troubleshoot, you get a way of life. To steal from Alwyn Cosgrove (who always has a great way of putting things into perspective), “instead of describing a new method of fat loss, Leigh covers the principles of fat loss. Remember methods are many, principles are few. Methods may change, principles never do.”

5. Here’s Brian St. Pierre after day #1 on Warp Speed Fat Loss. All I have to say is hahahahahahahahahaahaahahaahahaahahaahaha.*

Notice the close proximity of the puke basket.

6. I like to make stuff up while I train; it keeps things interesting. As well, it seems I have an affinity for attempting exercises with ridiculously long names. Case in point: snatch grip speed pulls vs. chains from a deficit.

Not that I’m bragging or anything, but that’s 375 lbs at the top of the lift, which I’m pretty sure some girl in Asia does as a warm-up. Just sayin.

7. I had a little friendly debate with two of our female clients tonight. I mentioned to them that I’m willing to bet that there are more women out there who could complete a sub-four hour marathon than there are women who can perform three body weight pull-ups. So lets open this up to my audience. What do you think? Hint: I’m totally right.

*= LOL.

PS: hahahahahahahahahahahaha.

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