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I know I said I was going to report back yesterday after my little field trip, and I’m truly sorry I left all of you hanging. While I had every intention of letting all of you know that I DID NOT throw myself in front of the 83 bus (I was close, however), I happened to come across this article ,and then spent the better half of the afternoon compiling my list of actresses that I think should replace Bag of Bones Angelina Jolie as the next Laura Croft.

My Short List:

1. Megan Fox

2. Megan Fox

3. Megan Fox

4. Megan Fox

5. Megan Fox

Honorable Mention: some former Hooters chick who’s name actually IS Laura Croft. Hahahaha. I heart Google.

Anyways, so yesterday was a “snow day” from work, and as such, I decided I would swallow my pride and go train at one of the local commercial gyms. As many of you may (or may not) know, I’m in the middle of Project: Tony Gets Sexified, and while Wednesday’s are typically just an EST (Energy System Training; 25 minutes) day for me, I decided I would live life dangerously and actually go pay $20 to lift some weights and move around a little bit.

Now before I go on, just know that I could care less what other people do in the gym. While I may poke fun here and there, in all honesty, I could care less if someone wants to look like an asshat doing squats on a BOSU ball. As a strength coach/personal trainer, it’s almost second nature for me to observe what other people do in a gym setting. That being said, once I put on my iPod and start lifting heavy shit, I tend to filter out the stupid.

That is of course, unless I just so happen to forget my iPod, and I’m forced to listen to some random guy (wearing his tight cut-off UnderArmour shirt no less) sound like he’s getting molested by a giraffe while he’s doing tricep kickbacks.

Then there were the two guys training together being obnoxious with their “GET IT SON” comments while doing hammer curls. All the while flexing in the mirror between sets, and yelling f-bombs to one another as if people were going to be impressed by their badassness. I certainly wasn’t as I was doing my speed pulls with 405. Yep, I did it to make them look bad. So what!!! I couldn’t help myself.

I’d LOVE to see these guys come to CP and train for one day and walk away with their tail between their legs. I guarantee Michelle would make them cry. P to the WNED son.

Come to find out, those two guys were actually trainers working out during their off hours. Niiiiiiice. How professional of them to act like complete morons for all potential clients to see. Waaaay classy fellas. I mean I can only assume afterwards you took off your shirts and gave each other a high five and then shaved each others chest. Here’s a little piece of advice to all trainers out there who happen to read this blog. People are ALWAYS watching you. Walking around cussing like a sailor and drawing attention to yourself is certainly going to make people want to spend their hard earned money to train with you. Hint: note sarcasm.

I remember listening to Thomas Plummer, author of The Business of Fitness: Understanding the Financial Side of Owning a Fitness Business talk about professionalism in the industry and how it has basically gone down the tubes. After yesterday, I can honestly say it isn’t getting any better.

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