Kim Kardashian Makes an Exercise DVD. Grown Men Weep.

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I heart my readers. Someone sent me this link to Kim Kardashian’s new workout dvd, Fit In Your Jeans by Friday, and I just had to pass it along and share it with all of you:

Lets be honest, we all know that Kim Kardashian is famous for one thing, and one thing only. Her intelligence. I mean, she uses the word volu(M)tuous to describe herself in the video. Clearly she’s a wordsmith. Admittedly, given my past diatribes on the likes of Tracy Anderson and such, I think you know that the chances of me actually advocating this dvd as a viable option for women is slim to none.

Kim can claim all she wants that women “can expect a hard workout- we’re not playing around here,” but she wouldn’t know what a real workout was if it smacked her in the face with a pink dumbbell.

That being said, I’m pretty sure this dvd deserves the Nobel Prize for most awesome video ever made. It has everything you could possibly want from an award winning film :

1. Kim Kardashian

2. Kim Kardashian in tight clothes

3. Kim Kardashian in tight clothes talking about her booty

4. Amazing cinematography

5. Kim Kardashian in tight clothes talking about her booty while being Kim Kardashian

I’m already looking forward to the sequel, How to Squeeze an Aircraft Carrier* in Your Jeans by Next Friday. You smell that people? That’s an Academy Award.

*and two football fields

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