This Week’s List of Stuff to Read While You’re At Work, And Not on Facebook

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Defending the Bench Press– by Mike Robertson

I didn’t even know the bench press needed to be defended. I mean, it’s not like guys don’t already bench press every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (and every other Thursday) as it is. This is tantamount to Tiger Woods writing an article called Defending Chlamydia: GET SOME.

*swish, count it*

All kidding aside, here, the ass-master himself discusses the ins and outs surrounding why so many people often get jacked up bench pressing (and not in a good way). Furthermore, he also discusses what can be done to alleviate the problem(s).

Some key points that I liked:

  • Dissing the bench press in lieu of overhead pressing isn’t necessarily the answer. In fact, it’s “probably” worse.
  • Technique, technique, technique. In other words, stop benching like a bodybuilder for the love of god.
  • You need to do more dedicated work for the scapular stabilizers. It’s not what you want to hear, but then again, I don’t care. Do it anyways.
  • There isn’t such a thing as a bad exercise*, just bad exercise performance.

Meat Grown in Laboratory is World’s First– by Dumbest Idea, Ever.

Researchers in the Netherlands created what was described as soggy pork and are now investigating ways to improve the muscle tissue in the hope that people will one day want to eat it

I’m gonna say it right now, I’d rather eat cancer garnished with ebola.

Can Exercise Help Ward off Swine Flu– by Jacqueline Stenson

Can exercise prevent someone from getting the Swine Flu? Doubtful. However it certainly won’t hurt, and may in fact slow down the degree at which it affects you. Yes, even if you do feel that yoga and pilates is actually a form of exercise. Just kidding. PS: I’m not.

Thanks to Chuck C. for sending me this article, and for summarizing the above article so succinctly:

“Ask your doctor if getting your ass off the couch is right for you.”

Sodas and Obesity: Here’s the Proof– by Dr. Jonny Bowden

Ditch the soda, fatty.

Protect Insurance Companies PSA

Normally, I go out of my way not to talk about politics here. However, I saw this posted over at Jason Harris’ Evidence Based Rehab blog, and thought everyone else might enjoy it as well.– by Alan Aragon

I’m a big fan of Alan’s work. If you haven’t checked out his monthly Research Review, you’re really missing out on some of the most practical, in depth, not to mention entertaining nutrition and fitness information available on the net. I’d go so far as to say that if you’re a fitness professional (or anyone who’s remotely interested in their own health and well-being), you’re doing yourself a disservice by not subscribing to it. For the same price it would cost you to go see a movie ($10), you could you know, actually get smarter. It’s a no-brainer in my opinion.

To that end, Alan is now officially a blogger. Go show him some love.

* Unless we’re talking about leg curls, leg extensions, upright rows, leg presses, squatting in a Smith Machine, and pretty much anything done on a BOSU ball. Other than that, we’re cool.

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