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Squat Like You Mean It: Tips for a Deeper Squat

Ask anyone who knows me well enough what some of my biggest pet peeves are, and you’ll undoubtedly hear things like: People who talk or text during a movie. People who honk their horn within 1/16th of a second of the traffic light turning green. People who knowingly go through the express line at the… Read more

I’m Calling BS

Q: Ok, let me have it. My Mom asked me about these new Ensure over 40 shakes promising to help regain muscle. Total BS? Protein looks low to me and I’m sure they add all kinds of unnecessary crap to them. Having said that, even my many attempts at “see how easy it is to… Read more

How to Assess Lumbar Function – Part II: Dean Somerset

Well, I’m back in Boston! We had a bit of a scramble to make it back – first flight was canceled, second flight (with a different airline) was delayed an hour and a half – but both Lisa and I made it home in one piece last night around 1:30 in the morning. Needless to… Read more

Tony Visits Texas: Highlights

Well, I’m still here in Texas still getting ready to head back to Boston and I figured that since I had a few minutes to spare, I’d sit down and hammer out a quick post sharing a few highlights of my trip: 1. The Good News – There was absolutely no reason for Lisa’s dad… Read more

How to Assess Lumbar Function: Dean Somerset

As I noted earlier in the week, I’m flying down to Texas this weekend with my girlfriend to get away for a few days, and more importantly, to meet her dad (and step-mother) for the first time. So, um, yeah, the cat’s out of the bag folks: I’m heading down to finally meet Mr. Isweartogodihavenevergottenpast1stbasewithyourdaughterOMGisthatagun… Read more

Youk In Action at Cressey Performance

I’m a little late in getting this post up because Mother Nature is currently beating the snot out of us up here in New England. I spent the better part of the morning digging mine and my girlfriend’s cars out from the snow, and then had to put off all my plans of catching up… Read more

It Ain’t Strength Training Unless You’re Gettin Strong: A Response

I received an email the other day pointing me in the direction of Jason Ferruggia’s article, It Ain’t Strength Training Unless You’re Gettin Strong. To say that Jason goes off a little bit would be an understatement. If you haven’t already read it, I highly suggest you do so. Go a head, I’ll sit here… Read more

How to Get Published

We spoke before about online training. Happy New year! I wanted to know if you could give me some advice about getting some articles published in magazines, websites, etc etc… I love to write and I know it would be great for my business… should I focus on a blog to start or can I… Read more