Squat Like You Mean It: Tips for a Deeper Squat

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Ask anyone who knows me well enough what some of my biggest pet peeves are, and you’ll undoubtedly hear things like:

  • People who talk or text during a movie.
  • People who honk their horn within 1/16th of a second of the traffic light turning green.
  • People who knowingly go through the express line at the grocery store even though they clearly have more than seven items in the their cart.
  • Keanu Reeves.

Throw me into a commercial gym setting, however, and you’re bound to see that list grow exponentially. Admittedly, I live in a strength and conditioning bubble where I and the rest of the Cressey Performance staff are able to control everything that’s either pressed, thrown, hoisted, or lifted under our watch.

Every now and then though – whether it’s because of travel, or I just happen to have a day off from work and am unable to make it to the facility – I’ll make a cameo appearance at a local commercial gym.

Not surprisingly, I immediately get tons of great material for article ideas (like this one), not to mention I have to fight the urge to gouge my eyeballs out with a safety pin to save myself from my own personal hell.

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