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In an effort to increase our web presence, not to mention demonstrate to the world our overall badassery, Cressey Performance is now on Twitter! 

Well, to be fair, we’ve had a Twitter account all along – it’s just taken a while for us to realize the power that social media has at creating a buzz.

Both myself and Eric are routinely discussing the importance of training environment and how that can have a profound effect on not only motivation and the results people get (try missing a PR with George Abele screaming in the background), but more importantly, the camaraderie that often developes amongst clients and athletes alike. 

It’s not uncommon for cliients to drive upwards of an hour and half (both ways) to come train at Cressey Performance.  Likewise, it’s not uncommon for a 14 year old athlete to walk in on any given day during the winter and train alongside 20 professional baseball players from several different Major League organizations.  Needless to say, it’s kind of cool, and there are A LOT of shenanigans that go down on a daily basis. 

I mean, where else will see stuff like this?

Stanford Pitcher, Sahil Bloom, Crushing 405 lbs For Reps

And CP Intern, Brad, Pwning Water

Of course, we’ll also be highlighting athlete performances from around the country, intern death circuits, staff going ons (Tony’s Techno Tuesdays!!!), and I’m sure there will be a Tank sighting here and there – because no Twitter page is complete without some cute puppy action.

So, what are you waiting for?

Cressey Performance Twitter Page (<== Increase testosterone levels by infinity)


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