Monthly Archives: August 2011

Muscle Imbalances Revealed – Upper Body

Okay, here’s the deal:  there’s no point beating around the bush.  This is my first product.  Like ever. Read more

Are You Following Cressey Performance on Twitter?

In an effort to increase our web presence, not to mention demonstrate to the world our overall badassery, Cressey Performance is now on Twitter!  Well, to be fair, we’ve had a Twitter account all along – it’s just taken a while for… Read more

Soft Tissue Work with a Sock?

So today’s post serves two purposes. For starters, to show how diesel I look in my vintage Captain America t-shirt.  BOOM!  But more importantly, the video demonstrates a cool and simple way to hit up a little soft tissue work on the backside of… Read more

Wanna Know the Secret to Motivation: Train, Don’t Workout

Here’s a question I received via Facebook from a strength coach based in Ireland that, once I actually answered it, thought would make for a good blog post: Q:  Got a question for you.  A few of my guys have asked me to write… Read more

Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: GHRs, Fat Scales for Kids, Comcast Sucks!

I’m kind of short on time this morning – namely, because yesterday I spent half the morning on the phone with Comcast trying to figure out why both our internet and cable keep cutting out only to be directed to their automated voice system like… Read more

Much Ado About Deadlifting

Note from TG:  Recently, my girlfriend and I moved in together, which, jokingly, I’ve been referring to as Operation Co-Habitation.  Predictably, we’ve had to make a few compromises here and there – you know, with stuff like deciding which piece of furniture goes where (guess… Read more