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I like to consider myself a pretty even keeled guy.  Outside of the occasional Tracy Anderson soundbite or random person who drives 20 MPH below the speed limit when I’m on my way to work, there’s not much that really gets my blood boiling.  … Read more

Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 8/16/2011

Whole Foods Debacle – Tyler Simmons Last weekend CP intern, Tyler Simmons, posted his latest blog on my Facebook page describing a little run-in he had with a doctor while standing in line at Whole Foods, and I HAD to share it… Read more

The Death of Personal Training – Alwyn Cosgrove

Today I want to let everyone know about a pretty kick-ass (read:  awesome) webinar that Alwyn Cosgrove is going to be hosting titled The Death of Personal Training.  Believe me, as someone who started out as a personal trainer – and admittedly struggled… Read more

Guest Post: Fat Loss Basics – Michael Gray

Today I have a guest post from personal trainer, Michael Gray.  Michael has been an avid supporter of this blog for quite some time, and he reached out to me several weeks ago asking if I’d be interested in letting him write up a little… Read more

This is Why My Job Is Better Than Yours Part II

I’m going to keep this one short and simple today because, well, the video speaks for itself.  Simply stated:  training environment is everything.  Or, put another way, a component that’s – at the very least – highly underrated and something that most trainees never really… Read more

What’s the REAL Key to Fat Loss?

How’s that for a title to pique some interest!?  It’s no secret that we’re obsessed with fat loss in this country.  I mean, anyone who’s spent a sleepless night channel surfing or perused the magazine rack in the grocery store is seemingly bombarded with infomercials… Read more

Muscle Imbalances Revealed – Upper Body: Two Dudes, One Product, and the Predator Handshake

Today is the last day of Muscle Imbalances Revealed initial launch, and I thought I’d share an interview that I did with fellow contrib and good friend, Dean Somerset.  Coincidentally, it was roughly a year ago right about now (during the original release of the… Read more

Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 8/10/2011

First off, I want to thank everyone for the kind words and for supporting the initial launch of Muscle Imbalances Revealed – Upper Body yesterday.  In reality, however, all the kudos should go towards Rick Kaselj who’s the mastermind behind it all – the man… Read more