Box Squat vs. Squat TO Box (Yes There’s a Difference)

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A few months ago I wrote an article for titled Squatmeggedon – All Things Squatting, where I discussed several different thought processes I had as it relates to SPOILER ALERT:  squatting.

One topic that struck a chord with me (which is why I wrote about it), as well as with many people who read the article, was the differentiation I made between box squats and squats TO a box.  While some may feel it’s borderline redundant – dude, aren’t they the same thing? – I’d argue they’re anything but.

Sure, they both have the word squat in their title, and yes, they both incorporate a box.  You got me there. But outside of those two obvious things, that’s where the similarities end.  You see, for me, it comes down to WHY you would use one over the other.  What’s the rationale for having someone box squat compared to having them squat to a box?

Simple.  Watch the video, and find out.

A few quick notes beforehand:

1.  This wasn’t meant to be a dissertation on how to squat. While I do go into a little detail on the proper set-up and things to look for on the descent, the real meat and potatoes lie in the separation between a box squat and a squat to box. Besides, the video is six minutes long, so cut me some slack for crying loud.

If you want to have your world rocked, and are looking for something that goes into more length, I’d highly suggest checking out Matt Wenning’s So You Think You Can Squat series HERE.

2.  A huge thanks goes out to Kennet Waale, who’s currently visiting CP on school break all the way from Brisbane, Australia.  I asked him to be my squatting guinea pig on the spot and he came through like a champ.

3.  Also, I want to thank one Chris Howard for the Spielberg’esq camera work.

4.  Compared to my first video on deadlifts, no sexual innuendos this time around.

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