Help My Pal, Elsbeth Vaino, Get Her Fat Loss Documentary to the Masses

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I’ve never held back my disdain towards certain trends in this industry – especially as it pertains to the mainstream media. Shows like The Biggest Loser, with its overarching theme that obesity is the individually controlled consequence of gluttony and laziness and its incessant highlighting of unsustainable (and I’d argue dangerous) weight loss tactics, as well as celebrity trainers like Tracy Anderson, who, coincidentally enough, has no educational background in exercise science or physiology (and has been quoted as saying she’d prefer not to “interfere” with her methods) seemingly catch our attention like a moth to a flame.


It’s been well documented that most of the contestants from The Biggest Loser almost always gain their weight back and then some.

But it sure is fun to watch them suffer and humiliate themselves on national television by golly!

And don’t even get me started on Tracy Anderson.  This is a woman whose past knowledge bombs include telling people that baby food (yes, of the pureed carrots and celery variety) is a viable nutritional supplement, that certain exercises can help pull the skin tighter to the muscle, no woman should life a weight above three lbs,  no woman should ever use kettlebells, and bloop bleep blop eeeeeeeeeeeeee op boing WAAAAHHHHHHHHH.

I’m sorry……it’s all just incoherent jibber jabber after awhile.

And it’s on that note I’m STOKED to inform all of you of an important initiative that my pal and fellow colleague, Elsbeth Vaino, is passionately involved with.

In collaboration with Dave Baker – a former personal trainer himself – the two are hoping to reach the masses with their own documentary about a REAL trainer helping people follow a REAL plan to help them attain their fitness goals.

In their own words:

“The fitness industry is having an identity crisis, fueled largely by the rise of reality weight loss shows and celebrity trainers, who continuously promote extreme and often dangerous methods for weight loss. 

Despite advancements in the industry towards evidence-based approaches, tailored towards sustainability, the public perception is still largely influenced by the constant image of drill sergeant trainers with an in your face, sprint ‘til you puke type attitude.”

This needs to stop.

And They Need OUR Help!

As you might expect it’s kind of expensive to fund a full-length feature documentary, and as such Elsbeth and Dave have initiated a campaign to help raise funds to bring their message to the masses.  A message that needs to be heard.

Their goal is to raise $8000.

Your generous and considerate donation will help in the following ways:

  • Offset the costs of production equipment such as lenses and filters.
  • Aide with the purchase of microphones for improved audio quality.
  • Provide us with the opportunity to collaborate with other professionals for editing and post production.
  • Move us from the ultra low budget to micro budget category of productions.

For more information on the project itself and for ways you can help, please visit their site below.

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