The Secret to Training Gains: Less is More

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It’s a tough sell for sure, and it’s borderline cliche to say, but the fact of the matter is:  when it comes to getting results in the gym, for 90% of people, 90% of the time – whether the goal is fat loss, hitting “x” number on the bench press, or I don’t know, trying not to projectile vomit when squatting – less is more.

Don’t get me wrong:  I respect and appreciate that there are many people out there who like going to the gym and prefer to spend their time on a deadlift platform or taking a group exercise class over staying at home watching Dancing With the Stars or playing Grand Theft Auto.

Even still, there are numerous people out there under the impression that they have to spend two, three, upwards of four hours per day in the gym in order to get results.

Unless your name is The Rock or you’re planning on competing in the next Olympics, chances are if you’re spending that much time in the gym you’re 1) wasting mucho time doing a lot of nothing and/or 2) don’t have a job.

This is something I have to go to battle on with a lot of the younger athletes I work with – and to a high degree, the older demographics too – because many want to do MORE when all they’re really doing is spinning their wheels.

In my latest article on I discuss why doing LESS is oftentimes the better route to take.

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