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Anyone who’s read my blog for any length time knows that I’m fairly passionate about a number of things.  In no particular order (except for the first one) they consist of:

1.  BACON!
2.  Tiesto.
3.  Zombies.
4.  Watching zombies get pwned.
5.  LIfting heavy things (and more germane to today’s conversation – advocating that women lift heavy things).

I’ve been everything but bashful when it comes to my thoughts and feelings towards the mainstream media and how it placates a negative, seemingly cancer-like stronghold on women and their attitudes towards body image and what’s considered an “ideal” body-type.

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And I’m not that only who champions this same sentiment. There are a plethora of other people who have gone out of their way to debunk (female) training myths, chastise those who feel women don’t belong in a squat rack, and otherwise have rolled their eyes at an industry (society?) who feel women are these delicate rainbows who should resort to “Skinny Bitch” diets and consider a yoga mat heavy lifting.

My good friend, and ambassador to quote-on-quote female training, Nia Shanks, is another “item” I’d add to my list above. There are many reasons why I respect Nia as a friend and as a fitness professional. She’s without question one of the most passionate, non-judgmental, and “real” people I know.

I say “real” not in the context of “wow, she’s a human-being. I can interact with her, and share protein bar recipes and stuff. Awesome!”

No, when I say “real” I mean she’s someone who doesn’t BS people. She knows what works, talks the talk, but more importantly, walks it.

I’m in awe of her for what’s she’s accomplished in helping to empower women that lifting weights is not only okay, but something they should (and can) do.

And it’s not even that. Nia understands that being healthy (and happy) is much more than how much weight someone can lift. While that’s cool and all, Nia will be the first person to tell you that becoming the best version of yourself entails many components, from nutrition to the mind-body connection to Matt Damon movies.

Okay, I added that last one in. But needless to say Nia’s the shit.

Which is why I’m always more than willing to do my part in helping promote her products.  Her latest “project,” The Train to Be Awesome Guide, is no different.

In a world where most books encourage dieting, deprivation, gradually eating less, restriction, working out to total exhaustion, fixing “flaws”, and meeting someone else’s opinion of “ideal”, in her words Nia “wanted to share something that empowers women to eat delicious food, to focus on building themselves up (through physical AND mental strength training) and to realize that they are uniquely awesome.” 

Maybe even more heartfelt is the notion that Nia’s ultimate goal was to “create a guide and program that a mother would be proud to share with her daughter.”

I asked Nia if she’d be willing to jot down a few more

Who’s it for? The Train to Be Awesome Guide is for the woman who wants to become the strongest, most awesome version of herself with simple, no nonsense, strength training and nutrition that enhances her overall life, and doesn’t dominate it.

Basically, it’s for any woman who wants to reach her full potential in the gym and build a great body in a unique way.

What makes it unique? Many things, actually. The Train to Be Awesome Guide is all about building a great body, but without focusing on that goal. I know it’s confusing, but allow me to explain.

For example, the main focus of the accompanying strength training program is to get stronger and improve your performance. Each workout you’ll strive to do a little better than last time. It’s not about getting tired or achieving as much fatigue as possible –

It’s about getting stronger, building yourself up, and becoming even more awesome.

It’s also unique in the fact that you won’t track the typical markers as with most fitness regimens.

It may seem daunting, but you won’t step on a scale or even take measurements. Instead you’ll focus on POSITIVE, performance orienting markers that you’ll track throughout the program.

Specifically, you’ll track your squat (either barbell or goblet), number of push-ups and chin-ups (or inverted rows), and the number of swings you can perform in a set period of time. You’ll also track some subjective markers such as energy levels and how your favorite pair of jeans (or dress) fits.

When THOSE things improve, THEN you’ll also reap the body transforming results you want. But this way, they’re just a wonderful side effect from becoming stronger and more awesome.

There are also some simple, flexible, DIET-FREE, nutrition guidelines.

Finally, the Train to Be Awesome Guide includes a detailed, step-by-step success guide so you know exactly what you need to do to be successful.

What makes it awesome?  It’s awesome because it will show you exactly how to become even MORE awesome.

You’ll do this with the “Train to Be Awesome Philosophy” and the accompanying 16 Week Program that includes demonstration videos for every exercise that you can watch on your smart phone, tablet, or computer.

And, finally, because it’s super simple and practical. You’ll only have to work out 3-4 days per week. The information is simple to implement so you’ll not only achieve results, but you’ll maintain them long-term.

The Train to Be Awesome Guide is on sale NOW through this Friday, October 18th for only $29.  For what it costs to go see an IMAX movie for two on a Friday night, you can get 16-weeks of programming and nutrition guidance that will undoubtedly set you up for LONG-TERM success.

Sounds like a no-brainer in my book.

Are You Ready to Get More Awesomer?


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