Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 1/16/14

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Before we begin I just wanted to share a funny exchange I had on Twitter yesterday. Some people crack me up.

So I posted a link to my blog post from yesterday – Exercises You Should Be Doing: Split Stance Trap RDL.

Literally all the Tweet said was “Exercises You Should Be Doing” followed by the link.

A few minutes later someone Tweets back with the comment, “Why?  It’s a little over the top.”

To which I responded, “Uh, read the post and find out.”

And then they came back with, “ok.”

I just find it comical that someone would pass judgement on something without actually taking the time to read what the post was about in the first place.  It’s akin to all the belly aching in Congress over the budget.  They finally come to a compromise after three years and a government shut-down.  It’s not perfect, but they decided to put their big-boy and big-girl pants on, stop acting like children, and come to a compromise.

Then I watch some interview with some ass-clown Congressman go on a tirade on how, “Well, I haven’t read the actual document, but based off of the reporting I’ve heard, it’s going to ruin America!”


Like I said, people crack me up.

7 Ways to to Dominate the Pull-Up – Nick Tumminello

I’d argue that the pull-up is the best predictor of overall relative strength.  I think I remember Joe DeFranco mentioning how he’s seen a correlation in some of his athletes and how well they’ll do in their 40-yd dash time.

Nevertheless, pull-ups are kind of a big deal and in this article Nick does a fantastic job offering some new ways to approach training them.

Expectation  Management – Collin McHugh

Even for those who don’t make a living throwing a baseball 90+ MPH, this was a fantastic read on what it really takes to grind it through professional baseball season.

More importantly it serves as a needed wake-up call to many “entitled” young athletes who feel that just because they signed a professional contract that the world owes it to them to make it to the Big Leagues.

Slow clap to Collin for writing this article.  Awesome, awesome stuff.

And lastly I wanted to share two videos with you between Kevin Kuzia and David Dellanave. The two of them had a heart-to-heart “chat” a few weeks ago about entrepreneurship which sparked the two of them to post up a few “riff” videos discussing their thoughts on the matter.

Giving a brief background: Kevin tends to play the “conservative” card, plays things safe, and doesn’t feel he takes too many risks when it comes to stepping outside is comfort zone; something I can relate with 100%.

On the flip side, David, is a risk taker and always has been.

I just found the discussion fascinating and I think both videos are worth a look.

The Entrepreneurship Dichotomy – Kevin Kuzia

And here is David’s fantastic advice (and beard).

Talkin’ Bout Entrepreneurship

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  • chenelope

    It seems to be an increasing trend where people are reluctant to take the time to inform themselves about things, while clinging to their, often uninformed, points of view (guilty). Pride is more important than the consideration of another's viewpoint, and the anonymity of the net affords people a lot more courage when it comes to chest-thumping (guilty). Comments sections allow people to quickly turn the conversation back to their favourite topic, and the attention towards, themselves, rather than putting in the hard work to reading the info above the comments section (badly constructed sentence, so guilty on both counts). Respect to anyone who still includes some old-fashioned, non-interactive, book learning in this information technology age.

    January 23, 2014 at 10:24 pm | Reply to this comment

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