Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: Nutrient Timing, Protein Isn’t Hitler, and Fitness Success

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“Five more days, babe!”

“Five more days and we’ll be on our way to the airport.”

Those were the words uttered by Lisa no less than 47 seconds ago as I was sitting down to type these words. You can call it what it is:

1.  Me stalling before I get to the meat and potatoes of today’s post.

Or, more to the point….

2.  Just trying to rub it in a little bit that I’ll be going on vacation in a few short days. Sorry.

Needless to say, this week serves as a double-edged sword.  Sure, on one side, dangling like a carrot teasing me, there’s vacation, and its promise of balmy weather, crystal clear water, all-you-can-eat-buffets (first time at an all-inclusive resort), beach, and many, many, many naps.

But before all that happens, it’s a storm of clusterf***edness from now until then trying to sew up all loose ends on programs that need to be written, deadlines for articles that need to be met, and trying to avoid all the articles online about the horrible, terrifying, and sad Malaysian Airlines disaster from this past weekend.

As someone who’s already not a huge fan of flying – I’d rank it below having a bad case of the flu, but a shade above “talking about my feelings” –  these headlines aren’t doing me any favors.

Nonetheless, to start this week off here are some cool articles to check out.

Did I mention I’m going on vacation?*

Is Nutrient Timing Dead? – Brian St. Pierre

I thought this was a knowledge-bomb of an article by Brian. I distinctly remember picking up my copy of the classic text Nutrient Timing by Dr. John Ivy and thinking that it was the gospel.

It was borderline sacrilegious to delay or worse, skimp out on pounding your protein shake immediately after finishing your last set. If you did fall into this camp, you’d lose all your gainz!!!!

Well come to find out, we “may” have overblown the whole post-workout anabolic window teeny tiny bit, and meal frequency may not be as big of a deal as we all have been led to believe.

In the end, it comes down to doing what works best for YOU.  Not what some article tells you to do.

High-Protein Diets Linked to Cancer:  Should We Be Concerned? – Dr. Spencer Nadolsky

Answer: No!!!

I Got 99 Problems: But Getting My S*** Together Ain’t One – Luka Hocevar

I have a lot of respect for Luka.  My man griiiiiiiinds, and works his tail off.  And in the end, he’s been able to achieve a ton of success.

He’s not someone who talks a good game and then fails to walk the walk.  He’s IN IT.

I first met Luka back in 2007 when we first opened up Cressey Performance.  He came across the country to hang out with myself, Eric, and Pete for like a week to do nothing but hang out, pick our brains, train, and see what it took to start a small business from the ground up.

Fast forward to today and he’s arguably one of the most successful fitness entrepreneurs in North America. He’s built a very successful training facility in Seattle.  He’s a coach, an author, a businessman, a traveller.

Recently he was impetus behind one of the most anticipated events the industry has seen in years – the Change the Game event held on Las Vegas.

Nevertheless, I highly suggest checking his stuff out.  It’s heartfelt, it has passion, it doesn’t hold your hand, it’s real.

* = I’m going on vacation.

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