Monthly Archives: May 2014

Two Dudes Talking Shop

I had the pleasure of recording an interview with Harold Gibbons, a fitness writer and trainer at Mark Fisher Fitness in NYC yesterday. The word “interview” is used loosely here, because it wasn’t so much an interview as it was two intelligent and uncannily witty dudes sitting down to talk shop on things ranging from… Read more

Functional Stability Training for the Upper Body

Eric Cressey and Mike Reinold (otherwise known as Erik Cressnold) released their latest module in their Functional Stability Training series, Functional Stability Training for the Upper Body, yesterday and I’m excited for a few reasons. 1. I’m not going to sit here, blow rainbows up your ass, wax poetic, and say that this product is… Read more

Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 5/13/14

Before I get into this week’s list of stuff to read, I wanted to reach out to all of my esteemed, intelligent, and radically good looking readers to ask them for a little feedback. I plan on giving this website a “face-lift” in the near future with the help of my friends from Copter Labs,… Read more

Miscellaneous Miscellany Monday: 5/12/14

I hope everyone had a lovely Mother’s Day yesterday. I did what every son on Mother’s Day does and went out and bought a new Spring blazer and pair of jeans for myself….;o) I blame my new fashion sense on reading Unleash Your Alpha: Eat Like a Man, Train Like a Beast, Operate Like a… Read more

Do You Need to Train People In-Person In Order to Write About Training People?

I’m not at the facility today. As I tap these words on my keyboard I’m sitting in my apartment at the dining room table with the cat right beside me serving as a reliable writing companion. I’m sipping on some tea. I also have some ambient “chill” music playing in the background. And I may… Read more

Some Thoughts On Training Women (Post # I Don’t Know, I Lost Count)

“Can we please just shut-up about Tracy Anderson!?!” Those were some powerful words uttered by David Dellanave of Movement Minneapolis last weekend during the Expert Panel at The Fitness Summit. Up until that point a fair amount of Tracy Anderson bashing had accumulated, partly in jest (as the brunt of some jokes), but too, partly… Read more

Exercises You Should Be Doing: Goblet Elevator Squats

As far as “fool proof” exercises are concerned, you’d be hard pressed to do much better than Goblet squats. I’d toss in an obligatory “it’s so easy a cave man can do it” joke here, but, well, shit, I just did. Time and time again I’ve seen someone with some of the worst squatting technique… Read more

Why The Fitness Summit is THE Fitness Summit

As I type these words I’m cruising at about 39,000 feet above the ground on my flight back to Boston from Kansas City after having attended The Fitness Summit over the weekend. I feel somewhat sick to my stomach because 1) I’m not what you would call a “fan of flying” and 2) the two… Read more