Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 9/26/14

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I’m gearing up for a busy next few weeks.  This weekend is the Cressey Sports Performance Fall Seminar where I, along with all the other CSP coaches, will be keeping 150+ attendees entertained for the day. This may or may not include a shadow puppet reenactment of the final final fight scene in Rocky IV.

Next weekend I’ll be speaking at the NSCA Personal Trainers Conference in Washington, DC.

This is my first invite by the NSCA and my first time attending any NSCA event, so I’m really looking forward it. I always like catching up with old friends and colleagues (and meeting new ones), and there’s no denying it will be a jam packed two days of learning.

I’m slated for two 50 minute “hands-on” lectures (one in the AM, the other in the PM) where I’ll be discussing the Athletic Shoulder. Which reminds me, I need to send the NSCA my walk-out music:

And, at the expense of sounding like a broken record, I’ll be back in DC the third weekend in October for mine and Dean Somerset’s Excellent High-Five Workshop.

What’s more – I wasn’t going to say anything until it actually happened, but I decided a little bit of a “heads up” was in order – I’m currently working with the peeps over at Copter Labs (again) on a kick-ass website redesign.

The new site is not only going to look amazing (I’ve seen the exterior and interior pages and I have to say, they’re super sexy), but it’s going to allow me to better “systemize” things/take over the world and make my lift infinitely easier.

Much of the general vibe will remain. It’s a fitness site and I’ll be discussing fitness things. But I’ll be adding some components to make the site more aesthetically pleasing, in addition to allowing me more opportunities in spreading the TG brand.

Like I said, I wanted to give you all a brief heads-up so that you’re not taken for loop when you log on to my site in the near future and spontaneously start making out with your computer screen.

On that note, here’s this week’s stuff to check out:

The Ten Worst Types of Personal Trainers – Bret Contreras

This one had me laughing quite a bit.  Some of it ties into what I wrote yesterday pertaining to much of the eyewash you come across in commercial (and private/boutique) gyms. The bulk of it, however, is just hilarious commentary on the observations Bret has made on all the various “types” of personal trainers out there.

The Curves You Earned – Dr. Kathy Dooley

This post wins my internet high-five for the week.  It’s short. It’s sweet.  Sends an amazing message. And it’s awesome.

Ask Dr. Mike: How to Deadlift Properly – Dr. Mike Roussell and Todd Bumgardner

Whenever I come across the word deadlift I sometimes feel like that character, Dug the Dog, from the movie Up whenever he sees squirrel.

This was an excellent vlog on some of the common mistakes beginners make with regards to their deadlift technique.

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  • Chet

    Hey everyone, Chet here. Well, it's been 4 months of consistently performing the 10000 ez curls and 10000 tricep pushdowns every other day routine and let me tell you what: it was worth every rep. Not only do I have 22 inch arms, but I have packed on slabs of long lean sexy muscle all over my body. Plus, my irritable bowel is cleared up. There is truly nothing that this workout can't do. Thanks again for the idea tony, I'll certainly be reading your website for years to come. Cheers, Chet

    September 29, 2014 at 5:26 pm | Reply to this comment

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