Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 11/7/14

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Soooo, who’s as excited as me to go see Interstellar this weekend? I bought two tickets for Lisa and I to go see it this Sunday afternoon in IMAX.

Admittedly, I’m a little biased. I’ll go see anything Christopher Nolan makes. The man can do no wrong. He could write and direct a movie about Tracy Anderson saying the alphabet backwards while curling 3 lb pink dumbbells and fighting Batman… space, and I’d be like “SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!!”

Quick Movie Fact: did you know writer/director, ChrisNo1, filmed an entire hour of this film with IMAX cameras???

As a quick reference, remember the opening sequence of The Dark Knight, when the camera panned down from the sky towards the top of the building where the bank robbers zip-lined into the next building, which was a bank, and then chaos ensued where they started shooting one another, the Joker appeared (he was one of the robbers!!!!), a bus came out of no where and plowed through the bank walls and he escaped?

That scene was filmed with IMAX cameras.2

Needless to say I’m super excited, and I may write up a quick review at some point this weekend like I did HERE. It all depends on whether or not I faint from excitement when the movie starts.

Think Critically and Don’t Believe Everything You Hear. Example: “Forks Over Knives” – Kelsey Reed

I like to eat meat, and I don’t really care for any program (or person) who tries to convince me that eating meat is the equivalent of shaking hands with Hitler.

I “get” the message that documentaries like Forks Over Knives – and more recently, Fed Up – are trying to convey. The Western Diet is crap and it’s killing people. 100% agree!

But to use the approach that eating meat is the main culprit – without taking into context all the other variables in people’s diets (loads and load of processed foods, sugar, lack of fruits, vegetables, and fiber, as well as lack of exercise), not to mention the conversation that TOTAL (excess) calories matter – is shameful at best, sensationalistic BS at worst.

I felt this short rant and take on the movie by Kelsey was fantastic and brought up many valid points. Don’t believe everything you hear!!!

The 5 Jackasses of Fitness – Dan John

Per usual, Dan writes yet another fantastic article.

22 Habits of Unhappy People – InfoBarrel

Nailed it!

For Your Additional Reading Pleasure

Here’s a recent article I wrote for Men’s Health titled What to Do Instead of Kipping Pull-Ups.

Here’s an article I appeared in on The Daily Burn titled 5 Major Benefits of Total Body Workouts.

Also, as a reminder’s Research Digest is on sale for 20% off through this weekend (ends on Nov. 9th). I feel it’s a fantastic resource for professional development, and even if you’re not a fitness professional is worth a look if you’re interested in staying on top of relevant nutritional topics.

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  1. that’s what he likes me to call him

  2. and gave me a raging nerd boner.

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