Tuning Out the Noise When It Comes to Research

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Note from TG:  I know some people are put off when they read something only to get to the end and find out they’re being “sold” something. I just wanted to be straight forward from the get go that what follows is an endorsement for Examine.com’s Research Digest.

I love what they do and what they stand for, and feel this is something that will help a lot of people tune out the noise and chaos propagated by the mainstream media. 

I hate reading research. There I said it.

I know it seems sacrilegious for someone who makes a living doing fitness writing to say that, but it’s true. I hate it.

If I had to choose between sitting down to read an entire research study or swallowing live bees I’d seriously contemplate the latter.

This isn’t to say I don’t feel research isn’t important or that I never do it. Before people start grabbing their pitchforks and storm the castle, to be clear: I do feel it’s very important and I do read it.


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It’s just that whenever I attempt to read a research study I get through two paragraphs before I start falling asleep. And if by some miracle I do make it through to the end, I rarely ever remember anything because I either 1) blacked out or 2) started making paper airplanes out of the study itself.

When I do read research, however, particularly research reviews, I always appreciate when it comes from sources that I recognize and trust.

Shit gets convoluted real quick once the mainstream media gets their dirty paws on a study. Anything that they can sensationalize and distort in order to separate themselves from the masses and to garner viewership is all they’re after.

Remember the whole egg yolk consumption is worse than cigarettes debacle?

Anyways, as much as I disdain reading research I do like to stay a head of the curve. And to that end, any chance I have to allow someone else do the “dissecting of research” for me, the better.

Introducing Examine.com’s Research Digest

It’s no secret I’m a big fan of the guys (and girls) over at Examine.com. They’re my GO TO source for unbiased information on supplementation. I can’t begin to tell you how many athletes and clients I’ve referred to them.

They single-handedly solved that niche.

Now they’re goal is to make research more accessible.

And it isn’t just ONE person doing the grunt work.

Here’s what separates ERD from everyone else:

– They have a panel of nerds researchers doing researchy things.

– Before anything is put to print, all their references and claims are double-checked by a group of editors hand picked for their experience and expertise in their respective fields.

– THEN there’s another round of edits and “checks and balances” done by outside industry and academic leaders to ensure a more fair and balanced representation of the information.

In addition:

1. It’s written in laymen’s terms and in a way which won’t require a Klingon-English translation.

2. It provides unparalleled professional development on a monthly basis.

3. If you don’t have the time to read ERD, you can listen to it instead. It’s also available in MP3 format.

4. And, it’s stunning to look at. The production value is top-notch. I.e., there’s pictures!!!

I was lucky enough to land an advance copy of Issue #1, and it’s sooooooo good I can’t even stand it. Here’s the table of contents.

Of Note: one of my favs, obesity doctor, Dr. Yoni Freedhoff, wrote this month’s editorial The Shady Underbelly of Evidence Based Medicine. And each subsequent issue will highlight other industry big wigs moving forward.

All in all it’s an excellent way to stay on top of the research, stay up-to-date with the research, and not feel intimidated by the research. All for about a $1 per day. It’s a monthly subscription.

HOWEVER, you can save 20% off the monthly price starting TODAY (Nov. 6th) through the rest of the week by going HERE.

Check it out. Doooooooo it.

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