Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 3/3/15

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Before I get into this week’s list I wanted to share with everyone a cool event coming up in the very near future that I’ve been invited to participate in. No, it’s not the NorthEast Regional Star Wars Geek Fest Extravaganza.

But it is something just as nerdtastic……..

Movement and Motivation LAB

Let my good friend and MFF coach, Harold Gibbons, explain….

On Saturday, April 25th, the Mark Fisher Fitness team is hosting our first Motivation and Movement LAB (M/M LAB) for fitness professionals. 

Our take on the fitness conference is a laboratory — one that lets health and fitness professionals like you explore progressive strategies to enhance your life and the lives of your clients.

We’re building a learning experience that’s better for trainers. Long lectures can work for some, but we’d like to try something we think can be more effective.

Instead, we’re focusing on power 30-minute presentation, followed by 45-minute workshops where attendees and presenters work together to build action plans that can be smoothly implemented in their personal practice. It’s the “Monday Morning” take home, with a personal system to make it a success.

You’ll gain insight into just how Mark Fisher Fitness built a multi-million dollar fitness business in less than three years. We’ll be joined by guest star, Jedi Knight and fitness super hero Tony Gentilcore and together we’ll explore strategies to improve your coaching and your business in an innovative format.  Each speaker (four total) will offer a 30-minute lecture and a 45-minute interactive work session to allow for a more complete integration of the concepts covered.  

You’ll leave with a clear list of actions steps for Monday morning and the M/M LAB effect will lead to immediate positive impact on your clients and your career.

You can learn more at the M/M Lab website, and ENROLL to join us on April 25th for new ideas, new results, and a new you.

NOTE from TG: Early bird registration ends on March 8th, so there’s only a few days left to take advantage of the savings. Not only is it more expensive to wait to sign up, but in order to gain access to the party all non-early bird registrants have to either lip sync a Lady Gaga song (in full, with dancing) or wear a leopard print leotard during my presentation.

Now lets get to this week’s list:

Female Fat Loss Hierarchy – Stacie Schaedler

Stacie is a local trainer here in Boston who’s about as diverse as they come. She’s has an extensive background in yoga, but is also an accomplished kettlebell instructor and loves to lift heavy stuff.

She and I have crossed paths several times in recent years, and it was recently, at Chad Wesley Smith’s Juggernaut Workshop that we connected and talked some shop.

In short, she’s the shit.

I think many people who read this blog will enjoy Stacie’s work and tone. And I think many people will especially enjoy this article.

The World We Live In…Man Has It Changed – Curt Schilling

Curt trained at Cressey Sports Performance briefly back in 2008 when he was contemplating a comeback. I don’t think I have to tell everyone reading that it was an awesome opportunity and experience.

Yes he’s opinionated, and yes he likes to talk (a lot), but it’s hard not to respect someone who isn’t afraid to stick to his guns and stand by his word.

The story is now national news, but for those unaware Curt shared an experience on his website recently regarding a disturbing “incident” on his Twitter page. In short it goes like this:

1. Like any proud father would do, he posts a congratulatory Tweet about his daughter being accepted to college where she’ll also be an athlete on the softball team.

2. Several young men go on to post vulgar, sexual, abusive, disturbing messages about his daughter.

3. Curt “ousts” the culprits on his website.

I felt it was a VERY well written article by Curt and more than warranted. Kids nowadays have grown up behind a keyboard, and it’s unfortunate that because of this, many have grown up with a sincere lacking of a social filter…to the point where some feel immune to any consequences of their words and actions.

This is a mantra that we try to instill with our own high-school and collegiate athletes at CSP. I can count numerous times where we’ve seen “questionable” posts and Tweets by athletes of ours to the point where we felt it necessary to sit them down and tell them if WE see this, who’s to say that a future coach or employer won’t see it?

In any case, it’s a vital message that needs to relayed to today’s Millennials…their words matter and have consequences whether said to someone’s face (which, not coincidentally, never happens) or on the computer screen.

Three Rotational Movements to Give Your Conditioning a Twist – Jen Sinkler

In anticipation of the release of her updated version of her popular Lift Weights Faster program, appropriately titled Lift Weights Faster 2.0,1 Jen Sinkler is releasing a treasure trove of FREE videos this week to help wet the palette of those looking to, well, lift weights faster.

The title is misleading because it’s NOT about twisting and contorting your lumbar spine with rotational movements like med ball throws and the like. Boooooooooooring.

Rather the video breaks down three baller movements which help improve your hip and t-spine mobility to battle things like back pain and SI joint pain.

You’ll have to provide your email address to watch the video, but 1) it will be worth it and 2) I can vouch for Jen and assure you she’s not an asshole and will up using your email to spam you incessantly.

She’s good people…you should (nay, need) to listen to her.

Did what you just read make your day? Ruin it? Either way, you should share it with your friends and/or comment below.

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  1. My vote would have been Lifts Weights Faster Too, Ya Fool….followed by an endorsement by Mr. T. But that’s just me. I also thought Eminem wasn’t going to last, so what do I know?

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