Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: I’m Getting Married This Weekend Edition

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This will officially be my last blog post as a single man.

I’m only posting this pic because the second we started talking wedding plans and was all like, “Babe, you know what would be really cool, if we…..” Lisa immediately stomped any plans for Star Wars anything. So I post this as a way to say, “what could have been.” It’s all good, though. I’ll figure out some way to reference LoTR. “One ring…….”

The funny thing is: I’ve had several people in the last few weeks say something along the lines of “oh, well, enjoy your singledom while it lasts. Your life is over!” when I tell them I’m getting married. I understand it’s all said in jest, and I play along, but I still find it a strange thing to say to someone when they’re about to embark on one of their most important (and happiest) days of their life.

If anything: I could argue my life is only just getting started!

In any case it’s going to be an amazing next few days, and I’m so grateful and appreciative for all the friends and family who have made it down here to Florida to watch Lisa and I get married.

Speaking of which, I have a handful of industry peeps attending the wedding and I figured it would be fitting to highlight some of my favorite articles of theirs (past or current) as the theme for this week’s Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work.


Tim Collins: Why Everyone Should Be a Kansas City Royal Fan (at least for a day) – Eric Cressey

It’s kind of hard to choose a “best” article from Eric because he’s written close to 7,942,409 of them. Give or take.

And while I could have easily picked one where he nerds out on something anatomy related, I always appreciate when he tugs at our heartstrings.

This was an article he wrote back in 2011 when one of our athletes (and good friends), Tim Collins, against all odds, made his Major League debut.

Your Adductors Are Your Friends. No, Seriously – Dean Somerset

Okay, now we are going to geek out on some anatomy.

I love this post because Dean breaks down why it’s ludicrous to say that patellar tracking issues have something to do with VMO weakness.

That’s like me saying low back pain is caused by sad unicorn feelings.

And speaking of unicorns…….

How to Build a Ninja Gym Culture That Kicks Ass – Mark Fisher

If there’s anyone who knows how to build an infectious gym culture (and be able to wear a gay Ironman suit and not be gay), it’s Mark Fisher.

Mark runs one of the fastest growing (and successful) gyms in NYC; and in this article he explains how.

Exercise Doesn’t Make You Burn Fat – Steve Bergeron

Oh snap, Steve just fired some shots!

And that’s that people. Lets go get hitched!

Did what you just read make your day? Ruin it? Either way, you should share it with your friends and/or comment below.

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