Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 7/3/15

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Happy July 4th Weekend everyone!

First up: I wanted to take a few moments to highlight a few things coming up on my speaking itinerary that many of you may be interested in.

1. Elite Training Workshop – Boston

It looks like early bird registration for the Elite Training Workshop here in Boston featuring myself, Mike Reinold (his facility, Champion Physical Therapy & Performance is hosting), Artemis Scantalides, and Ryan Ketchum has been extended. Woo-HOO!

But it’s only lasting through the holiday weekend.

It’s going to be an awesome day for fitness professionals to learn from some of the best minds in the biz. CEUs are available. And I may or may not perform an interpretive dance of “I Believe I Can Fly.”

Click HERE for more information.

2. The Complete Shoulder & Hip Workshop

Dean Somerset and I are excited to announce our end of summer into early fall traveling workshop series: The Complete Shoulder & Hip Training Workshop.

The idea is to discuss and breakdown anything and everything as it relates to shoulders and hips, obviously. Including but not limited to anatomy, assessment, corrective exercise, performance training, programming, etc, in addition to analyzing World of Warcraft strategies. Because, why not?

Like I said, we’re excited about it and we feel everyone who attends will be excited too.

CEU’s will be available for all workshops as well.

EDMONTON (in August, so it won’t be cold as balls).

ST. LOUIS (in September, maybe catch a Cards game?)

CHICAGO (in October, Wrigley. Nuff said.)

Now on to this week’s stuff to read.

Understanding Fasted Cardio and Fat Loss – Adam Bornstein

As with anything – leg extensions, eating ice-cream for breakfast, kitten kisses, watching an episode of Downton Abbey – there’s always a time and place for it. Although, Downton Abbey? Really? I’d rather jump into a live volcano.

The topic of fasted state cardio for fat loss has always been a controversial topic within fitness circles. We could make a case for it, but Adam does a superb job at explaining why it’s not as beneficial as some may think.

Deconstructing the Deadlift – Mark Rippetoe

This one is a doozy. One of the most thorough and all-encompassing articles I’ve read in a while on the biomechanics of the deadlift.

If reading stuff on the deadlift gives you a boner, WARNING, this article is like Viagra.

Our Trip to the Farm: Where Does Your Food Come From? – Ian Fagala

Western and Southern Massachusetts is chock full of farms, so living in a kick-ass city like Boston I’m lucky in that Lisa and I have easy access to various farmer’s markets in and around the area.

We try our best to purchase as much locally sourced food as we can from markets, stores, and even when it comes down to choosing where we’ll eat out for “date night” on Saturday nights.

It never hurts to be more aware of the food you’re eating and where it’s coming from.

Note: since it’s pictured above, I’d highly recommend reading In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan. Do it!


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