Stuff To Read While You’re Pretending To Work: 9/25/15

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I’m on my way to St. Louis this weekend to spend a few days coaching up a small group of fitness professionals for mine and Dean Somerset’s Complete Shoulder & Hip Workshop we’re holding at Blue Ocean Fitness.

While there I’m hoping to head to a Cards game, not get beat up for wearing a RedSox hat, and meet up with long-time CSP athlete and St. Louis relief pitcher, Steve Cishek.

Oh, and eat tons of BBQ. If St. Louis is anything close to Kansas City on that front, I can’t wait!

Just as an FYI: Dean and I will also be hitting up both Chicago and LA in the near future:

CEU’s will be available for all workshops.

CHICAGO (October 17-18th).

LOS ANGELES (November 14-15th)

Hope you see you there!

6 Bad Arguments That Make the GMO Debate Look Stupid – Go Kaleo

This is an argument that can get heated. Both sides of the fence are pretty adamant and steadfast in their beliefs. On one side you have those who feel ingesting genetically engineered food is akin to napalming an orphanage of kittens, while on the other you have those who feel it’s no big deal.

I like Go Kaleo’s stance to be “cautiously pro-GMO.” She’s not all in, but understands that many of those who argue against it use really, really, REALLY dumb logic.

Increasing Velocity Through More Efficient Landing Positions – Matt Blake

CSP Pitching Coordinator, Matt Blake, knows a thing or two when it comes to breaking down pitching mechanics. Wish I would have had someone like him in my corner when I played ball. I totally would have learned how to throw a curve ball.

Advance Training: Max-Growth Cluster Sets – Christian Thibaudeau

I looooooooove cluster training. And this was an excellent article by Coach Thibs describing their efficacy for building monsters, as well as showcasing a “new” way to implement them for maximal muscle stimulation.


And that’s it. Enjoy the weekend everyone.

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