Stuff To Read While You’re Pretending To Work: 1/29/16

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I’m sitting here at home in the throes of the dreaded “window” you’re given when you’re expecting delivery on something. In this case it’s furniture my wife and I ordered a few weeks ago.

8-2 is what I was told. And all I can think about is that I’m going to end up looking like the Crypt Keeper from Tales from the Crypt when all is said and done.

I can’t complain too much. With a six hour window at my disposal it allows me to get some work done: this blog post, writing some programs, meandering on Facebook. You know, the important stuff.

While I have your attention:

1) You can catch a glimpse of my updated speaking schedule (along with registration info when pertinent) for 2016 HERE. Of note, Dean Somerset and I will be starting our Complete Shoulder & Hip Workshop tour again soon. We’ll be hitting up Toronto and Seattle in March/April, as well as two stops in Europe in May (Prague and Oslo).

We’ve also decided this will be how we begin each workshop:


2) I received a special package in the mail yesterday. No, not a movie quality Chewbacca mask (still waiting for that). But rather my advance DVD copy of Fitness University: Strength Expert Secrets.

Whoa. Just got my advance copy of Fitness University Strength Expert Secrets: a 8 DVD set I had the honor of being involved with alongside Dean Somerset, Dan John, Tim Henriques, Jordan Syatt, Matt Kroczaleski, Josh Bryant, and Bud Jefferies. Filmed last year, each DVD features an interview style Q & A with each coach along with a practical portion as well. I’m really excited to see the finished product (and still pinching myself that I was asked to participate with so many other great coaches I admire and respect). This set should be available soon. I tell you what though: I won’t be watching my DVD. I hate watching or listening to myself.

A photo posted by Tony Gentilcore (@tonygentilcore) on


This set includes interviews and hands-on/demonstration portions of myself alongside other top-notch coaches such as Dan John, Dean Somerset, Tim Henriques, Jordan Syatt, Matt Kroczaleski, Josh Bryant, and Bud Jefferies.

I still have a hard time putting myself in the same breath amongst such esteemed company. Nevertheless, this should be available for purchase soon (DVD or digital) and for those interested in either PRE-SALE information or viewing some sneak peek footage you can go HERE.

3) And finally, I had the honor of being invited onto Nia Shanks’ podcast recently. It’s a bit of a different flavor in that it’s not all about fitness, strength and conditioning, and deadlifts.

It’s very much about lifestyle, personal betterment, and empowerment.

Little did I know in accepting the invitation that I’d be the first MALE guest onto the show. Nope, no pressure there. Check out the episode HERE.

(Last Chance) Certified Speed and Agility Coach – Lee Taft

TODAY (1/29) is your last day to sign-up for this amazing course from one of the world’s foremost speed and agility coaches, Lee Taft.

And by “last day,” I literally mean last day. As in you won’t be able to enroll for the foreseeable future.

Now, I’m not saying it’s going to be tossed into a Disney Vault never to see the light of day again…..but for all intents and purposes, you WILL NOT be able to purchase this course after the 29th.

If you’d like to gain some insight into some of the content that’s included I’d encourage you to check out THIS post I wrote earlier this week on how external cueing can help develop linear acceleration.

As someone going through the course myself I’ve found a LOT of value and can’t recommend it highly enough to anyone – coach or not – interested in elevating their knowledge base and tool box in this realm.

For realz, get in on this action. (<— totally safe to click on. No nefariousness/porn here).

How I Quit Weekend Overeating – Krista Scott-Dixon

I have yet to come across anything written by Krista and not find myself pounding the table with my fists and yelling “preach it sista.”

Okay, that doesn’t happen. The “preach it sista” part. Pounding of table totally happens.

This was a solid article on a topic that many, many, many people have issues with.

Quick and Easy Ways to Assess Clients in a Group Setting – George Kalantzis

Cressey Sports Performance coach and Group Fitness Coordinator, George Kalantzis, offers some insight on how to properly screen/assess new clients coming into a group setting.

UPDATE: furniture arrived. Holy shit.

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