Stuff To Read While You’re Pretending To Work: Kicking Off 2016

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It feels so weird to be typing the numbers “2016” doesn’t it?

Time truly does fly.

This year will mark a full decade living in Boston for me.

In that time I’ve survived living with Eric Cressey1, helped co-found Cressey Sports Performance, never used the phrase “wicked pissah” once in a sentence, and have had the luxury of witnessing the RedSox win two World Series, the Pats play three SuperBowls (and win one), the Celtics win one NBA Championship, and the Bruins with one NHL Championship.2.

2016 also marks the 30 year anniversary of when ten year old Tony vowed he’d become an honorary member of G.I. Joe.

That didn’t happen. But only because my Mom wouldn’t let me.3 Thanks a lot Mom. You RUINED MY LIFE!!!!!

[slams door]

Anyways, it’s 2016…and I h0pe everyone’s year has started off with a bang; or at the very least some arbitrary Resolution that you’ve already dismissed eight days in….;o)

A Few Things First

I’m a minimalist when it comes to supplementation. I’d tend to fall into the same camp as Alwyn Cosgrove whenever I’m asked about them and  generally respond as follows:

“Supplements are progress enhancers, not progress starters.”

If your current nutrition and training regimen isn’t getting the job done or inching you closer to your goal(s), then taking Gogi Berry Extract laced with diluted unicorn tears and belly button lint from a post-menopausal dragon fire roasted over a live volcano isn’t going to be the “x” factor.

This isn’t to say supplements don’t have a time or place and that there’s little efficacy in their use. That’s just crazy talk.

Five Supplements I Can’t Live Without. Seriously, I’d Die! – Part I

Five Supplements I Can’t Live Without. Seriously, I’d Die! – Part II

However, if you click the links above (DO IT!), you’ll note I don’t recommend anything too out of the ordinary or quack(ish). Actually, nothing is out of the ordinary or quack(ish). Namely, because I’m not an a-hole.

On the same topic, one supplement and company I can’t recommend enough is Athletic Greens.

Ingesting a high-quality greens product daily is just about one of the the best “cover your bases” healthy habits you can implement – outside of the Dan John staples of flossing and wearing your seatbelt.

Real food is going to trump any supplement, but at least here you ensure you ingest a cornucopia of good ingredients for your body in a convenient, quick-n-easy manner. And the best part is that this greens product doesn’t taste like seaweed blasted out of a whale’s rectum.

It actually, you know, tastes good as a stand alone thing.

Nevertheless, it’s something I take daily – as does my wife – and it’s also something I recommend to all my athletes and clients.

As it happens, Athletic Greens is running a special sale at the moment where you get a FREE trial (some travel packets to test the taste out yourself) in addition to a generous discount off the original price.

For more information you can go HERE.

Updated Speaking Engagements

I finally posted all of my upcoming speaking engagements in 2016 onto my website HERE.

Two that are right around the corner are:

Motivation and Movement Lab (hosted by Mark Fisher Fitness) – I had a BLAST speaking at this event last year, and if it’s any consolation I was up until 3AM the night of. Those people can party.

Complete Hip & Shoulder Workshop w/ Dean Somerset (Toronto) – Dean and I taught this course four times last year, and this will be the first one in 2016.


For the record (in case you want to take advantage of the Early Bird special) we’ll also be invading SEATTLE in April.

Okay, lets dive into the year’s first list of stuff to read…..

GGS Spotlight: Dr. Lisa Lewis – via

Lets give it up for my wife on being featured on Girls Gone Strong last week. Woo-hoo!

I am incredibly proud of this, and it goes without saying I feel Lisa is someone who has many, many positive and encouraging things to say to help better prepare and empower women on the benefits of strength training.

As a licensed psychologist, Lisa is pretty much a Jedi when it comes to helping people better understand and change their behaviors. Too, she’s very much a champion of peeling back the complicated onion when it comes to each individual’s mindset and why, sometimes, they’re their own worst enemy when it comes to progress in the gym.

This article is just the tip of the iceberg and keep your eyes peeled for her name – along with Artemis Scantalides – as they combine forces for a handful of I Am Not Afraid To Lift Workshops.

Why Tom Brady’s Diet Is Absolutely Absurd – Dr. Mike Roussell

Remember: I live in Boston. So saying anything remotely defamatory of football Jesus is borderline cause for banishment.

However, I felt this was an excellent article by Mike and a fair “assessment” of things.

For another in-depth analysis, check out Adam Bornstein’s take HERE.

Strength Training Program Design 101: Exercise Selection and Order – Jordan Syatt

Jordan did an amazing job at breaking down a very long-winded and complicated topic.

Did what you just read make your day? Ruin it? Either way, you should share it with your friends and/or comment below.

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  1. And by “survived” I mean our respective girlfriends at the time (Anna is now his wife) survived how disgusting our fridge was.

  2. Ironically, the only time I have ever stepped foot into TD Garden (where the Celtics and Bruins play) was for a Star Wars in Concert event. So, actually, not at all that ironic.

  3. And, you know, it’s fictional.

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