Day 4: Prague Castle

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Day 4: Prague Castle!

After a solid 10 hours of sleep, we had a more successful morning with the coffeemaker in the apartment, and all of the Gentilcores and Somersets sat in the kitchen quietly, catching up on emails and filling up on caffeine and Czech Granola (which is delicious, by the way!)

Dean and Linds - starting the day

The Somersets, ready to roll!

We received a message last night from reception that there was a special package waiting for us from Taste of Prague!!! So we ran over there, to pick up our very own special copy of The Taste of Prague Guide!

We got free access to the PDF when we booked our Foodie Tour (coming up Thursday!), so it was just super-duper special to get the hard copy!

taste of prague

Then, we packed up and were off!

We took the subway out to Tomas’ gym: BarBarGym, for some training.

It was an adventure just maneuvering the subway, but we did it – and ended up in Krizikova, also known as Praha 9… also known as The Karlin District.


Our workouts were great!

I’ve been rehabbing an ouchie shoulder and haven’t gotten to bench heavy in many months. Tony and I got to train together (a rare occurrence) and since I had a handoff I decided to test out some heavier benching – here’s 65Kg (about 143lbs):


After a shower, we walked down the street from the gym to visit a coffee place highly recommended by both visitors and locals alike – Mujsalek Kavy – for a much needed post-workout caffeine buzz.


After that we headed down to Meze for some lunch. Lemonade (or Limonady) seems to be all the rage here, so Dean had a few lemonades, I had a little vino, and we all had a very delicious and leisurely lunch.

Due to being outside of the city center and on the “other” (North) side of the river, we decided to walk to Prague Castle from the Karlin district. Here are some amazing photos of the city and our view along the way!


A Prague bridge

The castle itself was amazing! Beautiful views from outside the castle overlooking the city:

View from Castle

An amazing Cathedral:

Prague Castle Cathedral

Gardens, Crown Jewels, and CRAZY statues at the gates!!

Prague Castle Statues

After walking back down the steps we walked over the Charles Bridge – another highlight of the city:

Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge II

We then stopped at Bakeshop (which is fast becoming my favorite spot for a coffee). I grabbed a muesli cookie and an espresso. Tony had a piece of carrot cake (his favorite):

carrot cake

We went home for a bit to regroup, and then went back to Old Town Square for dinner. Afterward we went on the search for a local delicacy, the trdelnik:

I’m not quite sure how to describe.

Note from Tony: I can……..f***in delicious. Even better with ice-cream stuffed inside.

Dough. Fire roasted. Sugar and cinnamon coated. And for the tourists, filled with something. Nutella, or ice cream, or some other decadent thing. Tony and I had one and it was delish!

Lindsay likened it to a churro, but since it’s not fried, it’s lighter than that.

Anyways, don’t miss it when you hit Prague!

Once back home, we settled in with some Netflix (we can’t find a TV station in English), and watched a bit of TV before heading off to bed. Another amazing day! Thanks for reading and talk to you tomorrow.


(and Tony).

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