Stuff To Read While You’re Pretending To Work: 8/5/16

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I know, I know…I posted one of these earlier this week. I’m the jerk.

In fairness I normally post my “Stuff to Read” series on Fridays, but since I was taken off track the prior week and didn’t post one I made up for it on Monday. Besides, as this goes live my wife and I are en route to London to present our 2-day Strong Body-Strong Mind workshop.

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We’re excited of course. Not only because we’re visiting London for the first time as a couple (I visited back in 2014 and Lisa studied abroad back in her college days), but also because it’s our first “go” with presenting our 2-day workshop (we did a 1-day workshop in Austin, TX back in June).

We’re expecting 30 or so fitness professionals from across the UK to come in and listen to myself speak to assessment, program design, coaching the “big 3,” and why Jason Bourne could kick James Bond’s ass and Lisa will bring more of a mindset/behavior change/creating autonomy & competency with clients vibe.

Keep your eyes and social media ears peeled, because I’m hoping to announce some Boston dates soon. Or, if you’re someone who’s interested in hosting Lisa and I…shoot me a message. We’re pretty cool to hang out with.

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Why Having a Strong Pelvic Floor Isn’t Enough – Ann Wendel

A whole lotta “YES” to his article written by Ann Wendel of Girls Gone Strong. Incontinence is not something women should just “deal with” or “shrug off.”

Likewise, the adage of solely prescribing Kegel exercise to fix pelvic floor dysfunction is a thing of the past. The “fix,” in fact, is much more integrated…incorporating positional breathing drills, dedicated mobility work (in the right areas), and even progressive overload strength training.

Give this a read. It’s important stuff!

Strength Beyond Strength – Jaclyn Moran

A wonderful article written by Jaclyn Moran of War Horse Barbell Club (Philly in the house!) that will resonate with many women.

Stop comparing yourself to others. You do YOU.

This is 40 – Bret Contreras

Hubba, hubba, hubba.

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