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I’m excited to announce a new 6-week beginner course coming soon to CORE. I think it’s going to help a lot of people.

You see there’s a bit of a conundrum if you’re someone who’s an inexperienced lifter.

You have one of two choices:

1. Join your local big box Globo Gym and get lost in the vast abyss of exercise machines and classes that you have no idea does what. Oh, look, that thingamajig that works the whatchamacallit.


2. Join your local CrossFit box and and play Russian roulette as to whether or not you’ll be able lift your arms over head or feel the right side of your face after two weeks.

Going the commercial gym route runs the risk of feeling like nothing but a number and you’re kinda on your own to figure things out.

CrossFit is unparalleled for the camaraderie and community component, but for beginners is often (not always) a bit intimidating, not to mention advanced for someone who’s not familiar with the barbells lifts or eating coconut oil out of the can.

NOTE: Both scenarios are slight over-generalizations, but not too far off from the truth.1

There’s very little out there dedicated to the beginner lifter who IS interested in strength training, but finds many of the options available to him or her either too little or too much. I’d like to fix that.



Your 6-week introduction to everything bodacious and badass.

The Deets

1. The course will be six weeks, meeting 2x per week in a group setting at CORE (~2-4 people per class), where the objective is to learn and hammer the basics, enhance movement quality, instill a sense of accountability and intent with training, and set the framework to make you more autonomous.

Address: 250 Cypress St. Brookline, MA.

The main coach will be Jarrod Dyke, however I will be involved with programming and cameo coaching appearances.2

2. There will also be a nutrition and mindset component, where every other weekend the idea is to sit in on presentations and have questions answered from a Registered Dietician as well as an Exercise/Behavior Change Psychologist.

  • Shannon Wheel, RD, CPT will take the reigns on the nutrition side of things.
  • My wife, Dr. Lisa Lewis, will take the reigns on the mindset front.

3. It will serve as a wonderful opportunity to surround yourself with like-minded people and become a part of a community who’s sole purpose is to help increase your general level of badassery (and to not hip-hinge like a jack-ass).

4. Only 12 spots will be made available to start. And I’m not saying this to suggest a false sense of urgency or as a way to lure people in. I’m not kidding, only 12 spots will be made available.

5. Attendance subject to spontaneous rap battles.

The idea is to start around January 15, 2017. If you’re interested, please send me an email via the “Contact” tab (HERE) and I’ll put you on a list to get further information.

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Plus, get a copy of Tony’s Pick Things Up, a quick-tip guide to everything deadlift-related. See his butt? Yeah. It’s good. You should probably listen to him if you have any hope of getting a butt that good.

I don’t share email information. Ever. Because I’m not a jerk.
  1. And yes, inevitable CrossFitter who will chime in to call me out, I understand there are plenty of boxes who assess people and “ramp” people accordingly. This is why I made the analogy with Russian roulette. If what I described doesn’t apply to you then it’s okay to move on with your life and realize I wasn’t singling you out. Also, I forgot to add grass-fed Ghee into the mix. How could I be so callous!

  2. I may or may not wear pants. I probably will.

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