Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 2/24/17

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Lets get right to business….


1. 2 Workshops Coming Up

Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint – Vancouver, April 1-2nd.

Dean Somerset and I will be in Vancouver that weekend to talk shoulders and hips and to start a tickle fight.

For more information and to sign up you can go HERE.

SUNY Cortland Health & Wellness Conference – Cortland, NY, April 8th

I’ll be at my alma mater the weekend of April 8th speaking at what I believe is the 4th or 5th annual SUNY Cortland Conference. Other guest speakers include my wife, Dr. Lisa Lewis, Mark Fisher, Brian St. Pierre, and Dr. David Just.

For more information you can go HERE.

2. CORE Online Coming Soon

In a few weeks I’ll be offering a new service…CORE Online.

It’s basically the closest you’re going to get to training with me at CORE without actually stepping foot inside the facility. Each month I write programs that’ll help give you structure and purpose with your own training. You log on with your own CORE Online app, watch me demonstrate exercise, and you get diesel.

If you want to get stronger….this will be for you.

If you want to get leaner or bigger….this will be for you.

If you want to move better…..this will be for you.

If you want to beat Channing Tatum in a dance-off….hahahahaha. Good luck.

4. Registration Now OPEN for Online Trainer Academy


Enrollment only happens twice per year and you only have a few days to act before it closes. If you’re having a hard time developing your own online training business and frustrated by your lack of systems, oh man do you need to check this out.

With a curriculum that includes some of the most notable names in the industry – Dr. John Berardi, Molly Galbraith (of Girls Gone Strong), Pete Dupuis (of Cressey Sports Performance, John Romaniello, and Alex Viada – you cannot go wrong.

Go HERE and start building a valid and legit revenue stream with your integrity still intact.

Stuff To Read…

It’s All Been a Big, Fat Lie – Dan Trink

This is the best article I’ve read this year so far. Dan NAILS it.

You know all those bootcamps, spin, and group exercise classes that advocate long, lean, and toned muscles for women?

1. Inside scoop: many of the most popular classes/brands that are popular with women only allow women of a certain body-type to take those classes. Also, some people pick the right parents. They look how they look because that’s how they look, not because of some class.

2. Many of those same classes follow the same ideas and principles of successful bodybuilders. GASP! The exact opposite of what they stand for.

Do Foam Rollers Actually Work? A Review of the Evidence – Sonja Ristevski (

Foam rolling probably isn’t doing what you think it’s doing. Good, balanced, fair, article.

Lets Be Honest – The Body You’re Going For, Doesn’t Exist – Lee Boyce

The entertainment industry has warped our sense of reality and what’s actually attainable in real life. A-holes.




Was supposed to hit some heavy front squats today but felt like a bag of d**ks today and opted to do some arm a glute shenanigans instead. One exercise I played around with was this gem I picked up from @kelliedavisfit – Band Reverse Hip Extension w/ Abduction. Since most people don’t have access to a reverse hyper doing them off a bench works well. Hold onto bench with hips hanging off edge with band around the knees. Perform a “frogger” (abduct the hips, keep feet together) and then straighten out legs using the glutes to lock out. Hold for a 2-3s count and repeat. Aim for 10-15 reps. Or 87. I don’t care. Your glutes will feel the buuuuuurrrrrnnnn. I suspect my ladies at CORE will want these in their next program…? Props to my mother-in-law for the camera work…ha.

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